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PostSubject: My WWE   Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:05 pm

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010
St Louis, Missouri

Huge opening pyro hits as the show begins, with our commentary trio of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker plugging both chamber matches and the two other title matches on the card, the Intercontinental title match and the Divas title match.

For the first time in the evening the chamber is lowered as we begin preparations for the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match.

Rey Mysterio's music hits and he comes out first to a large pop. Out next is John Morrison to a decent ovation, followed by CM Punk, on his own, to a chorus of boos throughout the arena. The final entrant to be locked in a pod is the defending champion, The Undertaker, he comes out to his usual fanfare of smoke and flames.

Out next is R-Truth, he'll be one of the participants to start the match, and he will taking on Chris Jericho, who comes out still distinctly unimpressed that he has to start the match.

The chamber is locked and the match begins.

Jericho and R-Truth go back and forth trading blows and holds, before R-Truth knocks Y2J down with a clothesline. R-Truth hits a legdrop, and goes for an early cover. Y2J kicks out at 2. R-Truth works away on Jericho's left arm, before picking Jericho up, and hitting a Reverse STO. Again R-Truth covered, but Jericho kicked out.

Truth began to size up Jericho, who got up, turned round, R-Truth went for a jumping superkick, but Jericho ducked and went for the codebreaker, but R-Truth blocked it and Jericho fell to the mat. R-Truth then hit a front powerslam, another cover, another 2 count. Jericho's struggling on the ropes at this point. R-Truth charges at Jericho, but Jericho pulled the top rope down and R-Truth flew over the top of it. Jericho jumped onto the top rope and hit a missile dropkick off it into R-Truth to take him down again. Jericho has a smirk on his face as he starts to take control of the match-up. Jericho grinds R-Truth's face into the steel wall with his foot before letting go. He allows R-Truth to get up, before clotheslining him into the steel. Jericho, continuing to smirk, pulls R-Truth up, but R-Truth back bodydrops him onto the steel floor. R-Truth hits another legdrop, before lifting Jericho up, and throwing him head first into the steel chamber wall. He picks him up, and does it again. Jericho has a little cut on his forehead now. R-Truth pummels away at it, before backing off, and then charging at Jericho, but Jericho drop toeholds him and R-Truth goes face first into the steel. Jericho composes himself, before trying to lock in the Walls of Jericho on R-Truth, but he counters by rolling onto his front and kicking Jericho into the ropes, Jericho came back towards R-Truth, who lifted him up and tried to send him face first into the steel, but Jericho grabbed the steel wall. As this happened the lights flickered and the next entrant was chosen...John Morrison!

Morrison entered and immediately grabbed onto Jericho. He and R-Truth then pulled Jericho away from the wall, put him down and then threw him into the cage wall. As Jericho was down they both stared at each other, before R-Truth continued to stamp away at Jericho. Morrison then took his turn, before picking Y2J up. Y2J punched Morrison in the midriff, then again and again, before R-Truth charged him from behind and ended up squashing them into the glass on Morrison's pod. It didn't break but both Jericho and Morrison were down. R-Truth then pulled Jericho into the ring, and went up onto the turnbuckle. He set up a 450 splash, but Jericho rolled out the way. Jericho then hit a double underhook backbreaker, before covering and trying to get the pin, but R-Truth kicked out at 2. Jericho then checked on Morrison, who was down, before going back to R-Truth.

R-Truth started hitting Y2J with rights to the midriff, but Jericho countered with a knee to the jaw. Jericho then picked him up on his shoulders, but R-Truth fell off them and hit a reverse swinging neckbreaker. R-Truth then lifted Y2J to his feet, and set him up for a Rock Bottom-esque manouver, but Jericho kneed him away, and then turned and saw Morrison on the top rope. Morrison jumped with a springboard splash but Jericho ducked and Morrison took out R-Truth. Morrison had rolled through and as he got up Jericho dropkicked him into the turnbuckle. Jericho pummeled away at Morrison but Morrison reversed it, and pulled Jericho away from the turnbuckle before executing a Russian legsweep. Jericho down clutching his head, Morrison went up to the top rope, and hit the Starship Pain!

Morrison covered...
Kick out by Y2J!

Jericho somehow remained in the match.

Morrison got up, and was immediately grabbed by R-Truth, who hit him with a backstabber. R-Truth covered Morrison, but Morrison kicked out at 2.

R-Truth started kicking Morrison, before going over to Y2J and beating him down too. R-Truth takes a little breather, before turning back to Morrison, who kicks him in the gut, and hits a DDT. Morrison covers, but only gets a 2 count. Morrison sits up, but Y2J comes running in and dropkicks him down. Y2J hits a moonsault off the ropes, covers, and gets the 2 count.
Y2J gets up, clotheslines down R-Truth several times, before taking down Morrison with a flying clothesline. Jericho then goes to lock in the Walls of Jericho again, but Morrison kicks him away and he turns straight into the corkscrew scissors kick by R-Truth.

R-Truth covers but Y2J gets his foot on the ropes on the 2 count. R-Truth gets up but is grappled by Morrison, as the lights flicker and the next entrant is chosen...CM Punk!

Punk comes out and watches Morrison and R-Truth squabbling in the corner. He waits till R-Truth irish whips Morrison to the ropes, and he grabs him, and tries to pull him over the top of the ropes, but Morrison locks in a head scissors and flips Punk over the top rope into the ring. Morrison then jumps off the top rope and hits a corkscrew plancha, Covers and gets the 2 count!

R-Truth then gets involved attacking Morrison, but Morrison superkicks him down. However Y2J jumps him from behind, knocks him down and dropkicks him to the mat. He stares at Punk, who kicks R-Truth down, and beats him down. Y2J pulls Morrison to the turnbuckle and pummels him. Y2J irish whips him to CM Punk who hit him with an enzuguri, covered him but could only get a 2 count.

R-Truth goes after Punk, who goes through the ropes to avoid him, R-Truth tries to grab Punk, but Punk rakes his eyes. R-Truth stumbles around and straight into Y2J, who hits the codebreaker, covers and got the pin.

R-Truth Eliminated(Chris Jericho-pinfall).

Jericho and Punk smirk at each other but John Morrison attacks Y2J. He takes him down and jumps over the ropes after Punk, who he corners. Punk begs for mercy but Y2J dives on him over the ropes, and Morrison crashes into the steel. Punk, sensing an opportunity, kicks Morrison's skull into the steel again and Morrison joins Jericho on the bloody list. Punk then irish whips Morrison to Jericho who lifts him into the steel wall, Morrison staggers back in and Punk dropkicks him back into the steel again.

Punk and Jericho smirk with each other before Jericho drives Punk into the steel cage, then chucks him back into the ring. Jericho goes after Punk but Punk low blows him, hits repeated kicks on him before taking Y2J down with a spinning heel kick. Punk then hits a lariat on Jericho, and roars his approval. He picks Jericho up, goes for the GTS, but Jericho rolls off his shoulders, goes for the codebreaker, but Punk counters, pushes Jericho to the mat, they struggle before Punk locks in the Anaconda Vise on Y2J.
Y2J struggles to break free as the lights flicker and we get our next entrant...Rey Mysterio!

As Rey entered Y2J got to the ropes, forcing Punk to break the hold. As Punk got up Rey took him down with a springboard seated senton. Rey then dropkicked Morrison who was on the steel area by the ropes. Rey was then grabbed by Y2J, but Rey hit a standing hurricanrana, covered, but Y2J kicked out.

Rey went up top, but as he did so Punk grabbed the ropes and Rey fell onto the turnbuckle. Punk then went to the turnbuckle, set up the superplex, and hit it!, he covered Rey but Rey kicked out. But as Punk got up, Morrison unbeknowngst to him had climbed the turnbuckle, and hit a corkscrew plancha on Punk. Morrison covered...
Punk kicked out!

Morrison sat up, and as he did that Y2J dropkicked his back, before sitting on his chest and pummelled away at Morrison. Morrison managed to push Y2J off, but Y2J hit him with a sweet right hand that stunned Morrison, and he fell on the ropes. The camera cuts to Rey, who sees the situation developing, and hits the 619 on Morrison!. Rey sets up the Seated Senton, but CM Punk has grabbed Morrison, and hits the GTS on him, before Y2J grabs Punk and hits the Codebreaker on him, and then covers Punk...
Kick out!

Y2J berates the ref, gets up but Mysterio finally hits his seated senton. Rey covers Y2J...
Y2J gets his shoulder up!

Rey gets up, and Morrison is standing behind him. Rey turns and Morrison knees him in the head, before hitting the Moonlight Drive out of nowhere. He covers Rey...
2 1/2!
Kick Out!

As Morrison pulls out the cover, Punk runs in and kicks him in the skull. Punk then locks in the Anaconda Vise on a stunned Morrison. Morrison struggles weakly for a bit but eventually he stops moving. As this is happening Rey drop toeholds an oncoming Y2J, and sets up the 619 as the lights flicker and The Undertaker becomes the last entrant in the match.
Rey tries to hit the 619, but Y2J pulls out, and Rey stops himself and spins into the steel area, and bumps into Taker. He turns around, and Taker grabs him by the throat, and chokeslams him onto the Steel. Y2J tries a springboard over the ropes but Taker grabs him and delivers a chokeslam to him as well.

Taker stood next to the ropes facing the carnage he had caused when Punk jumped him from behind from in the ring. Taker grabbed him and pulled him over onto the steel floor. He then got him under control with some right hands before flinging him into the steel wall. Punk now joined Jericho in being busted open. Taker showing no remorse did it again, before setting up a Tombstone on Punk, but Punk countered and went for a suplex, but Taker countered and suplexed Punk onto the floor. Eventually Taker got up and grabbed Punk by the head, but Jericho jumped on Taker, Taker tried to throw Jericho off, Punk tried to get out of Taker's graspe, and as they all grappled Rey got on the turnbuckle and dived on all 3 of them, causing them all to go down. We then see Morrison climbing one of the steel pods, and as the other 4 guys got up. Morrison hit a moonsault and landed on top of them onto the steel floor! Morrison got up and posed with 1 arm in the air to signify him being control, and he scanned his opponents for movement. He then goes for Punk, and throws him into the ring. Morrison springboards off the top rope, hits a splash on Punk, who rolls through and gets the roll-up!, but Morrison kicks out at 2!
Morrison gets up, knees Punk in the gut, and sets up the moonlight drive, but Punk reverses and takes Morrison down, and again locks in the Anaconda Vise. This time there is no escape for Morrison and he eventually taps out.

John Morrison Eliminated(CM Punk-submission).

Punk smirks as he gets up, but is immediately kicked into the ropes by Mysterio, who's snuck in the ring. Rey sets up the 619, hits it, and goes for the Seated Senton. Punk gets up, Jericho crawls in the ring behind him, but Mysterio goes for it, Punk ducks out the way, Mysterio lands on his feet and Jericho hits the Codebreaker, covers Rey, and gets the pinfall.

Rey Mysterio Eliminated(Chris Jericho-pinfall).

Punk and Jericho smirk at each other, before Punk grabs Y2J, tries to go for the GTS, but Y2J reverses, goes for the codebreaker, but Punk pushed him down, tried to lock in a submission, but Y2J flipped him over, and eventually after a squabble, Y2J locked in the Walls Of Jericho. Punk screams in pain, before tapping out.

CM Punk(Chris Jericho-submission).

Chris Jericho lets the hold go, and sees Taker coming back in the ring. Jericho goes over to Taker, but he is met by right hands by Taker. Taker gets to a stronghold, and irish whips Jericho to the ropes, and hits a big boot on Jericho. Taker grabs Y2J's left arm, twists it, climbs onto the turnbuckle and hits the Old School. Taker then motions for a Chokeslam, grabs Jericho, but Y2J low blows him, and throws him onto the steel floor. Jericho keeps beating him down, and goes to throw Taker into the steel. Taker blocks, elbows Y2J, and throws him into the Steel. Jericho slumps sitting on the steel, and Taker sizes up Y2J. Taker goes to kick Y2J, but Jericho trips him and Taker goes headfirst into the steel, and gets busted open. Jericho gets up, and bashes Taker's head into the steel repeatedly. He picks Taker up, and tries to irish whip him into the glass pod. However Taker counters and Jericho smashes into the glass(which...for later reference...is Cena's pod), and slumps down it. Taker takes a breather, wipes blood away, before pulling Y2J into the ring. He punches him several times, before hitting a big boot from an irish whip. Taker lines Y2J up, goes for the tombstone, hits it, and covers...
2 1/2!
3..NO! Y2J just kicks out!

Taker looks staggered. He gets up, and lifts Y2J up onto his shoulders, and sets up the last ride, but Y2J counters into a DDT! Y2J covers...
2 1/2!
Taker kicks out!

Y2J can't believe it, and he beats the ring mat. He sets up Taker for the Codebreaker, but Taker grabs him by the throat, goes for the chokeslam, but Y2J pulls away mid-flight, spins Taker, and hits the Codebreaker!
Y2J covers...

Winner-Chris Jericho(The Undertaker eliminated by Pinfall).

Jericho gets given the belt, and he cuddles it, before raising it above his head in celebration. The chamber door is opened. Jericho climbs the turnbuckle and holds the title aloft, as Edge sneaks in the ring behind him. Jericho gets down, turns around and is speared by Edge!, Edge stands over Y2J as we go to a RAW commercial.

RAW commercial-live tomorrow night, Batista to appear to discuss John Cena and a Bret Hart injury update.

We're back and Cole and Lawler discuss what happened to Bret last week on RAW, before we see footage of the car accident last week, before we cut to Vince McMahon backstage in his office, he's watching the incident on TV as John Cena enters. Vince asks him what he wants. Cena wants to know what happened last week, and if Vince was involved. Vince asks if he's stupid, and that can't Cena see that a woman just reversed back into the car, it had nothing to do with anyone, it was an accident. Cena says that it's never "an accident" when it comes to Vince McMahon, and he says that he wants to know who the woman was, and what Vince's involvement in the incident was, by tomorrow night. And if Vince is too much of a coward to admit it, then Cena will personally see to McMahon getting an injury 10 times as bad as the one Bret suffered. Cena leaves with McMahon having an angry look on his face.

A red hot pyro explodes and Kane's music hits to signify that the Intercontinental Championship match is up next. Drew McIntyre comes out to quite a few boos as he makes his way to the ring.

Match 2: Intercontinental Championship-Drew McIntyre(c) v Kane.

A back and forth match which Kane took control of with his sheer power and size. The match ended when Kane irish whipped McIntyre to the turnbuckle, but McIntyre kicked Kane as he charged in. McIntyre charged at Kane but Kane booted him in the face, and McIntyre falls to the mat. Kane sets up the chokeslam, but McIntyre counters, before hitting Thee Move for the pinfall victory.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion-Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre exits the ring quickly and celebrates up the ramp as Kane remains motionless in the ring.

We head to the back and HHH is taping up. HBK enters and asks how he's feeling about tonight. HHH says he's confident about it all. HBK asks what about us? what about DX? HHH says that DX can wait until later, till tomorrow, on RAW, when he's won his chamber match. HBK says that that's all it's about, HHH, and that he won't give a damn about HBK or DX or anyone because he's in the chamber and is consumed by the title. HHH says like HBK is consumed by Taker? If that's the case he says, then so be it. HHH leaves as HBK stands there expressionless.

Maryse now comes out and is followed by Gail Kim for the Divas title match.

Match 3: Divas Championship-Maryse v Gail Kim.

During the match Gail Kim got up a head of steam, but as she was closing in on victory, she slipped and twisted her knee over, the referee signalled for the match to continue, Maryse saw Gail was unable to continue wrestling, so picked her up, and hit the French Kiss, before pinning Kim to win the title.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion-Maryse.

Maryse exited the ring with the belt as Mickie ran down, and tended to Gail and called out trainers and EMTs to help her, before berating the referee for not stopping the match as we go a Wrestlemania promo.

We're back and The Miz's music hits. He comes down to the ring. He says it's a travesty he didn't get in the Elimination Chamber match later tonight but that it doesn't matter, because not only is he the unified tag champ, and the US Champ, but that he's also going to walk out of Wrestlemania a World Champion. He says how? Well he tells us that he's going to qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania tomorrow night, and then he's going to win it, and cash it in on the winner of the main event of the evening, and become the most awesome World Champion in history. As he says that MVP comes out, and asks him if he's sure of that, Miz says he is. And MVP' asks how sure?. Miz replies totally sure. MVP asks if he's as sure as MVP giving him a beating right now to stop him running his mouth. Miz laughs, and says it's funny, and asks MVP how qualified he is about making that statement. MVP says very, seeing as he's going to win the MITB ladder match. Miz says really, and then asks how he's gonna do that when he couldn't beat him at the Royal Rumble. MVP says a ladder match is totally different, and with 6 other guys Miz will be seen to be totally pathetic. Miz drops his mic, and gets angry. MVP unbuttons his shirt, takes it off and squares up to Miz before Big Show's music hits, and MVP backs away, and turns side on to see both men. As Big Show comes down the ramp, Mark Henry runs down behind him and jumps him, and Miz attacks MVP. Miz throws MVP into the turnbuckle, and pummels away at him. Mark Henry sends Show into the steel steps, and gets in the ring. Miz bails at this point, and Henry goes to check on MVP. MVP and Henry stand in the ring as Miz and Show go up the ramp together as we head to a Main Event promo.

[size=9]More brutal Elimination Chamber footage in a promotional video before the cage comes down again for the final time this evening for the main event, the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

John Cena comes out first to a huge pop in his usual orange and blue attire, and he enters the far left pod, which is then locked. Ted DiBiase is out next to a few boos and he enters the far right pod, which is also locked. Then out comes Randy Orton, who comes out to a big mixed reaction. He comes down to the ring, taunts Cena in his point and then turns and stares down DiBiase, before entering his pod. The final participant to be locked in a pod is HHH, who comes down, stares down Cena, before climbing Orton’s pod and spitting his water on him through the chained roof, before entering his cell.

Kofi Kingston will be one of the participants to start the match, and he comes out to a nice pop. The last entrant is Sheamus, the reigning champion, who gets quite a few boos but now has his own green and gold pyro. The chamber is then locked, with the title left outside. The belt is rung and the match begins.

Kofi tries to jump Sheamus, hitting several punches, but Sheamus keeps pushing him away. Kofi comes back for more, but eventually Sheamus boots him in the face, and Kingston’s momentum is lost. Sheamus starts beating Kofi down with kicks and punches, before powerslamming him to the mat. A quick cover got a 2 count, and Sheamus started stomping on Kofi as he was down. Sheamus grabs Kofi by the head, but he fought back, punch after punch to Sheamus midriff, before taking him down with a flying elbow. Dropkick by Kofi, followed by a clothesline, and the good ol’ “boom, boom”. Kofi sized up the boom drop, but Sheamus rolled out the way and through onto the steel area outside.

Kofi ran up, jumped over the ropes and tried to crossbody Sheamus, but the Irishman caught him and threw Kofi over his head into the chamber wall. Kofi was down and out as Sheamus posed with his arms in the air. Kofi then tried to struggle up, but Sheamus charged at him aiming to catch him with a big boot, but Kofi ducked and Sheamus kicked the chamber. Kofi then splashed Sheamus into the chamber, before grabbing his tights and going for the roll-up, but only getting a 2 count. Kofi went up to Sheamus again, but Sheamus booted him in the face, and Kofi fell flat on his face. Sheamus then picked Kofi up, and threw him into the cage 3 times before dropping him. Sheamus then locked in a rear naked choke hold as the lights dimmed and the bright beam of light flickered between the pods to choose the next entrant, which is...John Cena.

Cena entered and broke up the choke hold, and set about Sheamus. Cena irish whipped Sheamus into the ropes, and then flying clotheslined him to the steel floor. Cena then threw Sheamus into the ring, hit a few punches before hitting the ropes, bouncing back and getting taken down by a clothesline by Sheamus., who has a cut above the right eye. Sheamus then hit a belly to belly, covered Cena, and got a 2 count. Kofi still laid out outside. Sheamus side slammed Cena, and tried another cover, but failed to get the pin. Sheamus stood up, but unbeknownst to him Kofi had climbed the turnbuckle, Sheamus turned round and Kofi splashed him off the top rope. Kofi hooked the leg in the process and went for the pin.
Kick out!

Sheamus kicked out. Kofi looking bewildered lined up a kick on Sheamus, who ducked, and Kingston ended up hitting Cena with an Enzuguri. Kofi then turned round, and Sheamus spinebustered him. Sheamus then picked Kofi up, and hit the Celtic Cross on Kofi, covered him and got the pinfall.

Eliminated-Kofi Kingston(by Sheamus-Pinfall).

Sheamus raised his arms in celebration, but was jumped from behind by Cena, who then hit his one-handed bulldog. Cena beat down Sheamus, before locking in a chinlock. Sheamus flipped Cena over, and then as he was getting up, clotheslined Cena to the mat. Sheamus lined up another kick, but Cena ducked, rolled up Sheamus, but only got a 2 count. Cena then hit a Lou Thesz Press, and lined up the 5 knuckle shuffle. As he hit it, the lights flickered again as the next entrant was chosen, being Ted DiBiase.

As Ted entered, Cena set up Sheamus for the FU, but Sheamus rolled off his shoulders and pushed Cena into DiBiase. Sheamus ran at DiBiase, who back body-dropped him to the steel floor outside, before Cena clotheslined DiBiase to the outside as well. Cena started punching Sheamus, who was bleeding quite badly now, and DiBiase, before clotheslining them both. Cena then tried to throw Sheamus into the Cage wall first, but Sheamus countered, and threw Cena onto the steel backfirst. DiBiase charged at Sheamus, but Sheamus lifted DiBiase and ploughed him into Cena's pod, causing the glass to shatter and DiBiase to go through. Sheamus wiped the blood away and concentrated on Cena.

Sheamus picked Cena up, and drove his head into the steel repeatedly. Cena collapsed, he also has a wound to the forehead. Sheamus picked him up, pushed Cena into the ropes and then clotheslined him as he bounced back. Cena down and in pain, DiBiase hasn't moved at this point. Sheamus dragged Cena back into the ring, and started pummeling him. They go to the turnbuckle, Sheamus beating Cena who's just trying to defend himself. Sheamus backs off, and lines up a boot on Cena. By this point DiBiase has crawled out of the broken pod. Sheamus runs at Cena, who ducks, and Sheamus gets his boot caught on the turnbuckle, he finally gets himself off it, turns round and Cena lifts him onto his shoulders again, but Sheamus grabs the top rope, so Cena FU's him onto the steel floor!. Cena roars with approval as we get close-ups of bloody DiBiase and Sheamus. Cena takes a breather, before going to the outside and picking up DiBiase, who's showing more life than Sheamus. Cena drags him over the ropes, into the ring.

But as he gets back in the ring DiBiase attacks him with punches to the midriff, before flipping Cena over onto the mat, and locking in a headlock. Cena tries to get out of it, but the blood is pouring down his face and he's turning pale, and the ref lifts him arm twice. On the 3rd one Cena just gets his arm up, and tries to fight him off, but then Sheamus comes in and breaks it up, shouting at DiBiase "Cena's mine! he's mine!", and turns to face Cena, but DiBiase isn't having it, and he jumps Sheamus, who pushes him away, goes for a kick, but DiBiase counters into a DDT, and shouting to Sheamus "I'm my own man now" before looking at Orton, who's following the action intensely. DiBiase beats down Sheamus, and even though Sheamus fights back, DiBiase keeps him under control. DiBiase hits a scoop powerslam, covers and gets a 2 count. DiBiase seems to be setting Sheamus up for something, but as he comes off the ropes Sheamus turns and they both hit clotheslines on each other, they are both down as the lights flicker as the next entrant is chosen...HHH!

HHH enters, he takes down DiBiase and Sheamus with clotheslines, before chucking DiBiase over the top of the ropes to the floor. He then hits Sheamus with a running knee, before doing his typical pose. He then spinebusters Sheamus and then delivers the same to Cena, who had just got up. HHH goes to check on DiBiase before turning round and seeing HBK in the ring. He looks bewildered before HBK points to Cena's pod, the steel floor has been removed, HBK had pushed the floor up and got in the ring. HHH points and HBK turns round and superkicks Sheamus, before doing the same to Cena. Orton is seething in his pod. HBK turns to Orton, with HHH standing behind him, HHH looking bemused, before HBK SUPERKICKS HHH. He stands over HHH before walking away to the door of the chamber, and DiBiase crawls in, and covers HHH, and gets the pin!.

HHH Eliminated(pinfall-Ted DiBiase).

HBK exits the chamber door, which is temporarily closed before HHH eventually comes out, and walks to the back with a furious expression on his face.

Meanwhile back in the ring DiBiase is working away on Cena in the corner. Sheamus comes in and pulls DiBiase away, before pummeling Cena. However DiBiase is having none of it and pulls Sheamus back, and yells at him "Look at me, take me!, im here!" and Sheamus looks at Cena, and DiBiase is furious. He hits Sheamus, who looks at him, DiBiase hits him again, but the 3rd time Sheamus lifts him up and hits him with a Spinebuster. Sheamus goes psycho on DiBiase, kicking him to oblivion. Sheamus drags him into the corner, knees him to the gut repeatedly.
Sheamus then irish whips him to the turnbuckle with Cena in, but Cena kicks DiBiase, who staggers back to the middle of the ring, and is then spinebustered by Sheamus. Sheamus covers....but DiBiase kicks out at 2.
Sheamus is then shoulder charged by Cena, who takes him down, and then hits several belly to belly suplexes on him. Cena hits his spinarooney slam on Sheamus, and sets up the five knuckle shuffle. As he goes for it though, DiBiase dropkicks him, lands on Sheamus, and hooks the leg.
Kick Out!

Sheamus kicks out as the lights dim again and Randy Orton becomes the final entrant.

Orton stalks the outside of the ring, waiting for the opportune time to come in. DiBiase is up, and goes for Cena in the corner, so Orton comes in and attacks Sheamus. DiBiase is countered by Cena though, who pummels him in the corner, before irish whipping him to the ropes, and then dropping the top rope so that Ted falls to the outside. Cena then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a legdrop to DiBiase's neck, who's face is squished into the steel.

Meanwhile Orton is pummeling Sheamus's open wound. Sheamus kicks him away, and before Orton can come back at him, Sheamus throws him into Cena who's standing by the ropes. Cena pulls away after this, and Sheamus lines up a clothesline, but Orton ducks and Sheamus goes over the top of the ropes. Orton is holding onto the ropes as Cena comes over but out of nowhere Randy hits an RKO on Cena onto the ropes, Cena turns round dazed into a big boot by Sheamus. Sheamus then throws Cena into one of the glass pods, but this one doesn't break, but Cena just slides down it to the floor. He's taken one hell of a beating.

Orton and Sheamus then go at it, Sheamus irish whips Orton, but Orton counters with a dropkick. Randy stomps all over Sheamus, before picking him up and hitting his inverted backbreaker. Orton stalks Sheamus, who gradually gets up, and Orton goes for the RKO but Sheamus pushes him to the mat. Sheamus lines him up and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Sheamus covers, but Orton kicks out at 2.

Sheamus then lifts Orton up, takes him to the ropes, and hits his Celtic Cross onto the floor! Sheamus turns away and poses with his arms in the air, but Cena has sneaked up, Sheamus turns round and Cena lifts him up, goes for the FU, but Sheamus counters, lifts Cena up, but Cena lifts him up again and gets the FU this time!.

Cena then locks in the STFU. Cena keeps it locked in hard and Sheamus is desperately struggling for the ropes, Cena is holding on though and Sheamus is fading. In the background you can see Orton and DiBiase discussing something, before the camera suddenly pans to the door of the chamber, and BATISTA has taken out the ref, taken the key, opened the door and pulled it open! Cena realises this and gets up, and Sheamus squirms away.

Batista gets in the ring and stares Cena down, Cena goes for him, and they trade blows. Batista gets the upper hand, but Cena drop toeholds him into the turnbuckle, Cena goes for the FU, but Batista counters, pushes Cena to the ropes and Cena comes back into a spinebuster. Batista screams "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!", before picking up a broken Cena, hitting a Batista Bomb, and leaving.
DiBiase again comes over, and covers...

John Cena Eliminated(Ted DiBiase-pinfall).

DiBiase gets up, stares at Orton, but Sheamus takes him from behind. Sheamus beats him down, but Orton comes in and hits his inverted backbreaker. Sheamus, having been in the match since the beginning, squirms away broken. DiBiase is struggling in the corner, Orton turns away from him, before turning back and offering his hand. DiBiase takes it and Orton pulls him up. DiBiase stumbles in front of Orton, clutching his head, before Orton pulls him round and hits him with the RKO! He covers...

Ted DiBiase Eliminated(Randy Orton-pinfall).

Orton is seething, he pushes DiBiase out the ring and focuses in on a stricken Sheamus. He lines up the punt, but Sheamus dodges, and clotheslines Randy. Sheamus goes to the pod HBK broke through, and pulls off the floor tile. Sheamus gets back in the ring, and smashes Orton over the head with the steel floor panel!. He covers Orton...
2 1/2!
Orton kicked out!

Sheamus looks shattered. He gets up and looks at Orton, before picking him up onto his shoulders. He sets him up for the Celtic Cross, but at the last second Orton falls off his shoulders, Sheamus turns around straight into the RKO.
Orton covers...
Winner and NEW WWE Champion-Randy Orton(eliminating Sheamus by pinfall).

Orton rolls away, the crowd mostly cheers as he pinned Sheamus last, but a few boos because he screwed DiBiase. Orton gets given the title, kisses it, and raises it 1 handed above his head as the PPV goes off the air.

I hope you enjoy it.
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Hope you enjoyed my Elimination Chamber PPV. I can't finish RAW tonight before it goes live so I'll give you a quick preview so you know I'm not stealing too many ideas Very Happy.

There will be major confrontations tonight spilling out from the PPV.
There will be a title match of some sort.
There will be MITB qualifying matches.

That's all I can say for now, I don't like the guest hosts much though.
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wernt far off the real no way out Laughing
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uknowmejnr wrote:
wernt far off the real no way out

Except mine came first.

Wrestlemania will be a bit different, there's a feud you won't see coming.
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WWE Monday Night Raw
Live from Indianapolis, Indiana.

We start with a video recap of the Elimination Chamber PPV, with special emphasis on HBK turning on HHH, Batista costing Cena the title and Orton winning the title.

We then cut to the ring and get Randy Orton, the new WWE Champion, coming out to a big ovation. Orton got in the ring and raised the title above his head before taking the mic.

Orton introduces himself as the new WWE Champion. He says it's justice done after he was cost the title at the Royal Rumble by the incompetence of his so-called "allies". He says that it's all in the past now as he is going to the main event of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. He says that the "Age Of Orton" is resumed, but with a difference. Randy says he's learnt recently more about himself, with the mess surrounding Legacy he's seen both his strengths, and weaknesses, and he says it has made him a better person. He says he knows, as he proved last night, that he can win fairly, by being better than everyone else, because he is, he's the viper, the Legend Killer, the WWE Champion, he doesn't need anyone to do his dirty work, in fact it makes him look worse, look pathetic and weak seeing somebody else mess up his chances all the time, and now he's going back to taking matters in his own hands, he's going it alone.
He puts the mic to his lips but Sheamus music hits and he comes onto the stage. Sheamus gets on the mic and says that last night Orton got lucky. He says he was moments away from retaining his WWE title, and that if Orton wants to stand alone and be his own man, he can prove it. Sheamus wants his rematch, tonight, because he's going to Wrestlemania as Champion, and there's nothing Orton can do about it. Orton stares down Sheamus, and says why wait, bring it now. Sheamus walks down the ramp, clutches the ropes and Orton gets into position. Orton charges at Sheamus, who backs off and backtracks up the ramp. Then a man and woman appear on the titantron, it's the guest hosts Jewel and Ty Murray. Jewel says excuse me and asks for Randy's and Sheamus's attention. She says they have an important announcement. Ty buts in excitedly and says that tonight Sheamus will get his wish, tonight's main event is Randy Orton v Sheamus for the WWE Championship, the winner will go to Wrestlemania. Sheamus grins and Orton looks demonically sinister as we head to our first commercial.

Back from the commercial and the US Champion The Miz comes out to some boos, but a lot of fans cheer him. Miz gets on the mic and says tonight he is going to take his first step on the road to becoming the World Champion, by winning his Money In The Bank Ladder qualifying match. And that's the way it is, because he's The Miz, and he's awesome!

Primo is his opponent and he's get a very little pop as he makes his way down to the ring.

Match 1: MITB Qualifying Match-US Champion The Miz v Primo.

A back and forth match where Primo got in some offense. He suprisingly got the advantage by hitting a dropkick on Miz off an Irish Whip. He went up top, went for a moonsault, but Miz put his knees up and caught Primo in the ribs. Primo was struggling on his knees clutching his ribs, as Miz stood behind him eagerly. Miz then grabbed Primo, set up his finisher, and hit his Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

Winner-The Miz.

The Miz takes all of his belts and raises them up as he yells "I'm Awesome" as Primo still clutches his ribs.

We head backstage to John Cena stretching. In comes HHH. Cena stands up and asks what he wants. HHH says he wants to talk about last night. Cena looks at him quizzingly. HHH says look, and he asks for Cena's co-operation. He says they both got screwed last night, and that they both deserve another shot at the title at Wrestlemania, so he suggests they both take out Batista & HBK, help each other out, and then go after the winner of Orton/Sheamus tonight. Cena grins, and HHH asks what's funny. Cena says it's just funny that HHH is coming to him to help him deal with a problem. HHH says it's just to get a quick route to the title, and that he made Batista, he knows him inside out and that last time Cena faced Batista, not only did he lose, but Tista put him on the shelf. Cena laughs again, and says that may be the case, but that HHH has had far more opportunities to beat Batista, and he hasn't. He "appreciates" the offer, but he's going to sort his own problems out, right now, Batista said he'd be here, so he's calling him out. We hit a commercial.

Back from the commercial and Cena comes out a huge ovation. He's in a no-nonsense mood and comes straight down and onto the mic. He says he's not here to play games so tells Batista to get his but out here right now. There's a delay before Vince McMahon's music hits, and he comes down to the ring. He tells Cena he knows that he wants Batista, but that will have to wait. Vince says he's out to address what Cena asked him to last night, and he says categorically that he had absolutely nothing to do with Bret Hart's accident last week. Cena smirks, and says he knows that's not the case. Vince says how, and Cena says he got given a tape by someone backstage who caught something on camera that Vince will not be happy about, he says let's not wait any longer, and tells them to roll the footage. We see Vince and the blonde woman in Vince's office, and Vince is clearly telling the woman the plan, to reverse the car when Bret gets in it. The woman says she understands, but what about his side of the bargain. Vince then sneakily handed the woman a big packet, and said the payment was inside it. The woman asked all of it, and Vince said yes, all $15,000. Cena tells them to cut the footage, and he rubs his chin and says that proves it, Vince was after Bret, and he tried to take him out. Well he tells Vince that Bret is hurt, but not permanently injured, it didn't work as well as Vince liked. Bret will be back says Cena, and he will hurt Vince, Vince will pay for that. It will be priceless. Vince roars down the mic that Bret will never ever return to the WWE, because he won't allow it, he's Vince McMahon "god dammit". Cena says he has no choice, he's powerless, it's up to the guest host on the week. Vince says it won't happen next week for sure, because the guest host is a big mate of his, next week WWE Hall Of Famer "Cowboy" Bill Watts, Oklahoma's own, will run RAW next week. And just so Cena's made aware, Bret Hart is already banned from the building. John gets a bit angry, and squares up to Vince. He asks what's stopping him from beating the crap out of Vince right now. Vince says the fact he will fire Cena quicker than you can say "My Time Is Now". Cena smiles, and says Vince is pathetic, and that he will pay for it, but then he asks, where's Batista?. Vince says he doesn't know, Cena yells at him, where's Batista?. Vince is stuttering as Batista sneaks in the ring behind Cena. Cena turns around hearing the crowd roar and gets taken down by Batista with right hands.

Batista pummels Cena, but Cena rolls him over and pummels Tista as Vince legs it. Batista gets Cena off, but Cena lifts Tista up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Tista counters, but Cena shoulder charges Tista down, who rolls out the ring and gets away through the crowd. Cena roars madly and stares down Tista in the crowd before turning to Vince who's at the top of the ramp as we go to a break.

We're back and we get a video recap of what happened in that long segment, before Kofi Kingston's music hits and we get our second Money In The Bank Ladder Match qualifier of the evening. Jack Swagger comes out as his opponent.

Match 2: MITB Qualifier-Kofi Kingston v Jack Swagger.

A good 10 minute match which ends with Swagger dominating Kofi in the corner, he picks Kofi up, puts him on the top turnbuckle, and goes for a superplex. Kofi counters and hits a dropkick on Swagger off the turnbuckle. He then sets up the Trouble In Paradise, Swagger blocks, and lifts Kofi up, but Kofi gets out of it, and hits the Trouble In Paradise from nowhere, covers and gets the pin.

Winner-Kofi Kingston.

Kofi celebrates with his "boom, boom" as we get a replay of HBK superkicking HHH last night.

HHH's music hits. He comes down to the ring with a menacing look on his face. He gets in the ring and straight on the mic. He says he is tired of all this, he's tried for months to help and sort the situation, and now it's gone too far. He calls out HBK. There's a delay before HBK comes out.

HBK's music hits and he comes out to a good ovation, despite what happened last night. HHH asks HBK to own up, what's his game?. HBK looks up and says that it's pretty simple. He wanted to go on to Wrestlemania, and face and defeat The Undertaker. He says that every time he got close, an obstacle was put in his way, and that when he ultimately failed in his goal to do things the right way and get into the Elimination Chamber, HHH carried on like it meant nothing. HHH didn't care about HBK, didn't give a damn about DX, it was all about him, and him going to Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. Well after their little spat last night, HBK decided to put a stop to it. As HBK couldn't get what he wanted, and HHH had no regard for it, then he was going to stop HHH having what he wanted, because he didn't care either.

HHH says that's not an excuse, and that it's not his fault he concentrated on himself. HBK has managed to cost him the Tag Titles, the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber match in recent weeks, and it's all too much. The WWE title was the way out, was the way to end DX quietly by being diverted into a main event match at Wrestlemania, it was his opportunity to break away from Shawn without having a messy situation. He's tired of Shawn, he's tired of the childish DX, he's tired of having to put up with his antics. He wants Shawn out the way to concentrate on his own career, because being with HBK is costing him every opportunity he has.

HBK says it's a really familiar scenario. He takes us back to the old days, with the re-union of DX, where HHH managed to suck up to him and then screw him over in the same night. He then goes onto Evolution, where Randy Orton stepped out of the shadows and made himself a star, made himself world champion, and on the site of this achievement HHH destroyed him, buried him, and look how twisted and bitter Orton has become. Then when Batista got too big to handle, HHH tried to screw him, but failed, and now look at Batista, bigger than his boots. HHH is a bad influence for everyone, and he says "let's face it, if you hadn't shagged the boss's daughter you wouldn't be anybody now, I made my career off my own back and made myself a legend, all you did was suck up to authority".

HHH is enraged by this, and says it's untrue. He says he made DX great, he made Evolution, he made Orton, he made Batista, he made Flair great anyone. He says he is the best wrestler alive today because he's won the most titles and he's beaten everyone off his own back time and time again, and every time Shawn gets an opportunity he screws up, and now the bitterness and jealousy has reached a point in him that he has to screw over others, just like he did, thinking it would get him on top. The difference, HBK has picked on a guy who can't be pushed over, who he can't crush or overpower, he's still here, and if HBK tries to screw him again, he will break him in half.

HBK says he's not going to screw him, he's done that, proved a point. Now he just wants an opportunity. He had a change of heart after listening to HHH's self-centered rightiousness all week, he says he doesn't want to face Taker, he's that sick and tired of HHH and to prove he's not consumed unlike The Game, he wants 1 thing, a match. Not just any match. A match at Wrestlemania. Whoever wins is the better man, and if he loses, he'll leave HHH alone.
HHH walks round the ring, and says he doesn't have to do this, but he will, before climbing on the ropes and bellowing "YOU'RE ON!!!" to a huge pop from the crowd. They stare each other down as we go to a commercial.

We're back where Jewel(on crutches) and Ty Murray are coming down to the ring, and they sit ringside to do commentary with Cole & Lawler. Mickie James and Kelly Kelly come out together, and Mickie gets on the mic and says that she hopes Gail gets better soon and that she's here to teach Maryse a lesson in decency and respect to other women. Out comes Maryse with Jillian to accompany, and we have a Divas tag match.

Match 3: Tag Team Match-Mickie James & Kelly Kelly v Maryse & Jillian.

A short match where Mickie picks up the win on Jillian with a mick kick. After though Maryse grabs one of Jewel's crutches, and gets in the ring. She then hits Mickie and Kelly with it as they celebrate together. She then rams it in Mickie's face before blowing her kiss and motioning a moving mouth with her hand as she leaves the ring.
Confirmation that "Cowboy" Bill Watts will guest host RAW next week.

We're back and it's Main Event time. Out first is Randy Orton, the WWE Champion. Sheamus then comes out to a majority of boos in the audience.

Main Event: WWE Championship-Randy Orton(c) v Sheamus.

We have a 20 minute main event, where the action goes back and forth. Orton takes control with his inverted backbreaker. Orton covers but gets a 2 count. Orton then senses an opportunity for an RKO, and stalks Sheamus. He goes for it, but Sheamus blocks, and turns it into a back suplex. Sheamus then covers, for another 2 count. Sheamus then gets up, and sets Orton up for the Celtic Cross, but Orton falls off the bottom, goes for an RKO, Sheamus pushes him away, and boots him in the skull. Orton rolls out the ring. Then out of nowhere Cody Rhodes comes out with a chair in hand. Sheamus turns to see him and stares him down, whilst Sheamus keeps his eye on Orton. The referee goes to check on Orton as Cody comes down the ramp and onto the ring apron. Cody waves the chair at Sheamus, before going to swing it, but Sheamus kicks him off the apron to counter it. However Orton has sneaked back in, and hits the RKO on Sheamus!.

He covers...


Wait! The ref has been pulled out the ring by a guy in a balaclava, who clotheslines the ref down and picks up a baseball bat. Orton looks on, and gets up, and this masked man comes onto the ring apron. Meanwhile Sheamus in on the ropes and Cody smashes him with the chair, Orton turns to look at this and the masked man smacks Orton in the back of the head with the bat, rendering Orton motionless on the mat. The masked man takes his balaclava off to reveal himself as Ted DiBiase, and he stands over Orton as Cody stands over Sheamus as the show goes off the air.

Result-No Contest.
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WWE Friday Night Smackdown

We have the opening pyro, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show before Chris Jericho's music hits and he comes out to a chorus of boos with his new World Heavyweight Championship.

He comes smiling and says he's the new World Heavyweight Champion. He says he has proven he is the best in the business at what he does at the Elimination Chamber PPV when he won the World Title, beating 5 men after starting the match, 3 of which were former champions. He says we won't be able to do anything about it, nobody...well except 1 man, 1 man who thinks he knows best as always, Edge. He calls Edge out.

Edge comes out to a huge ovation. He gets in the ring and gets on the mic, grinning away. Y2J has an issue with Edge, and he wants some footage rolled. Edge's spear on Y2J at the PPV is shown, over and over again. We cut back to the ring and Edge is still grinning, and he says that the video is funny. Y2J gets angry and says it isn't, he had just been in a hellacious Chamber match and got cowardly attacked from behind as per usual with someone as weak and as pathetic as Edge. Edge looks bemused, and says it's no surprise that Y2J said that, because Y2J had no problem slating him when he was on the injury list, out of action and nowhere near Jericho. He's always been the same, use people till they're no good and then screw them over, but this time it's different, because Y2J can keep talking, all the way to Wrestlemania, because that spear was only the beginning, at Mania he will invoke his Royal Rumble clause, and he will beat Jericho, take his revenge, and take his World Heavyweight Championship.

Before Y2J can speak Teddy Long, the Smackdown GM comes out and says that he has an announcement. He says he knows both men want each other at Wrestlemania, he says they both hate each other but things don't just to work like that. He says that Edge is going to Wrestlemania, he's the Royal Rumble winner and that won't change. However Jericho's spot is not so secure. He says that Jericho won the title at the Chamber, so there was a former champion, which means there's a rematch clause. Tonight, Chris Jericho will defend his title against...The Undertaker, and the winner goes to Wrestlemania to face Edge, as the World Heavyweight Champion. Edge laughs at Y2J who looks shellshocked as we head to a commercial.

Back from the commercial and Matt Hardy is out with Maria, and he's followed out by DH Smith, who's with Natalya. Grisham says it's a MITB qualifier and it's up next!

Match 1: Money In The Bank Qualifier-Matt Hardy v DH Smith

A 10 minute opener, where DH Smith got a couple of close falls and a decent spell in control. However the ending came when DH Smith hit a running powerslam. He went up top, waited for Hardy to get up. Jumped off looking for a hammer blow, but Hardy kicked him in the gut, set up and instantly hit the Twist Of Fate, covered and got the pin.

Winner-Matt Hardy.

Hardy is the 3rd entrant into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 26, along with Kofi Kingston & The Miz, 5 more spots up for grabs. Another to be decided here tonight!

Back from another commercial and we have CM Punk come out with Luke Gallows and Serena. He gets in the ring and says he's dissappointed. He's dissappointed because a) He's not World Heavyweight Champion and b) these people in the audience still won't respect him and give him credit for how great he is. He says he's noticed a trend, he's says it's bad enough that these fat, useless wastes of space run their mouth from behind a barricade and abuse their bodies, but it's so much worse that these "people" can allow their children to hide behind these horrible contraptions. He pulls out a mask, and dangles it above his head. He says it's filth, it's cowardice, it's hiding away from your troubles and showing a false character to the world, it's fraudulent. He hates it. So he's going to do something about it. He goes to the barricades and takes off the masks of several kids, and takes them back to the ring. He then gives them to Luke Gallows and Serena who pull out scissors and cut them up. He then says he knows who the culprit, Rey Mysterio. The kids love him, they love what they think are the innocent bright colours, but are in fact the flashes of evil hiding the real truth, the real weakness behind the mask. He wants Rey, so he calls him out.

Rey eventually comes out to a huge pop. He gets on the mic and says Punk has it all wrong. He says the mask is tradition, it's him linking back to his roots as a mexican lucha libre, it's a different culture and something Punk doesn't understand. There's no weakness, it's just respecting tradition and other people, something Punk cannot do. Punk tells Rey to cut the crap, he knows Rey has been weak ever since Eddie died, yeah Eddie Guerrero he tells Rey, someone who abused his body and didn't care about the pain it caused at others, just look at how bitter Vickie Guerrero is now, think of the trauma it caused her, and her children, because of Eddie's selfishness. Rey tells him to stop and he gets angry, and asks what Punk wants. Punk says he wants 1 thing, for Rey to give him the mask. Rey says that's not happening. Punk laughs, and says that shows how weak Rey is, how he has to hide from the truth, the truth that he's weak and can't leave anything behind, just like Eddie, oh wait, Eddie left a lot behind didn't he? Rey is even angrier, and he tells Punk that if he wants the mask he has to earn it. Punk says he will earn it, at Wrestlemania, 1 on 1, when Punk wins, he takes Rey's mask. He asks Rey how that sounds. Rey says it's fine, apart from 1 thing, Punk has to give something up too. His hair. That hair resembles his straight-edge and it's so ironic how he can shave everyone elses heads but not his own. So at Wrestlemania, he has to put that on the line. Rey v Punk, Mask v Hair. Punk pauses, and says he doesn't fear Rey, and that at Wrestlemania he will expose the fraud that is Rey Mysterio to the world, he's on. They stare down as we go to another commercial.

We're back from the commercial and the Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre is out, we're reminded he beat Kane in the Elimination Chamber, but tonight he'll face him again for a place in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Kane comes out to his red hot pyro and makes his way to the ring.

Match 2: Money In The Bank Qualifier-Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre v Kane.

A rather quick back and forth match which ends with Kane catching McIntrye with a big boot. He goes up top, jumps off looking for a clothesline. McIntyre catches him with a dropkick though. McIntyre gets up, looks for Thee Move, but Kane counters, looks for a Chokeslam, McIntyre climbs over his shoulder and rolls up Kane, grabs his tights, and gets the pinfall.

Winner-Drew McIntyre.

Kane is seething as McIntyre poses as he goes up the ramp with his Intercontinental Championship.

Next week's RAW hosted by Hall Of Famer "Cowboy" Bill Watts.

We're back and Mickie James is out. She says she's having a real problem with some people at the moment. She says that women are being so disrespected at the moment and that it's unacceptable. She says that Gail Kim suffered an injury at the Elimination Chamber PPV, and what happened, the ref let the match carry on, and let Maryse hurt Gail even more and take advantage of her. For the past 2 months, she's been rudely insulted and humiliated by others calling her "Piggy James" and the like, and she's had enough, she's going to stop it. She is going to get women the respect and equality they deserve.

Out comes Michelle McCool, the Women's Champion. She says that Mickie needs to stop moaning, and get on with it. She says that all Mickie is doing is attention seeking and finding an excuse and sympathy for her inadequacy. She says that Mickie is just jealous of perfect women like her. Mickie says "is that so", and says that she is due a rematch for the Women's Championship, and she wants it now, and in the process she'll teach her some respect. Michelle laughs, and says that won't happen, because Mickie isn't worthy of the belt, not worthy of facing her, because she is nothing, she is subordinate, worthless, and that no-one cares about her. With that she leaves and Mickie is just stood in the ring crying, before we see her walk up the ramp in tears to the crowd applauding her. We head to a commercial.

Back from commercial and we have Jimmy Wang Yang in the ring. His opponent...Batista.

Match 3: Batista v Jimmy Wang Yang.

Quick match, Batista dominates. Hits a spinebuster, sets up the Batista Bomb, covers and gets the pin.


As Batista celebrates Cena's music hits, Batista faces the titantron, but Cena jumps him from behind and pummels him. Cena unloads right hands on him in the corner, then hits his spinny suplex. Cena motions for Batista to get up, and he does, he goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Batista rolls off his shoulders. Batista escapes out the ring and up the ramp and Cena crouches and stares him down.

Backstage we see Y2J coming to the ring, Main Event next, after the commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Y2J, and he's followed by The Undertaker.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship-Chris Jericho(c) v The Undertaker.

Long, long match which sees Taker take control. Snake eyes!, Taker then sets up Y2J for the Tombstone, and he hits it! Cover!

3..No Y2J just kicks out!

Taker sits up, and gets up. He picks Y2J up, but Jericho hits the Codebreaker out of nowhere. Cover!

Kick Out!

Jericho can't believe it. He gets up, does the slit throat pose of Taker's, and goes to set up a tombstone, but Taker counters, back body drop. Taker then sets up for the Last Ride, but as he does so Edge comes in and spears Taker.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion-Chris Jericho wins via DQ

Edge dissappears up the ramp, and Y2J rolls out the ring, collects the belt and leaves. Taker's left lying in the ring, but he sits up, and eventually gets up. But as he does so he gets attacked from behind, it's Sheamus!. Sheamus knocks him down with punches, and stamps on him. Sheamus gets a chair, and bashes Taker with a chair. Taker is now cut open, and Sheamus gets out a table. He sets it up, picks Taker up and hits the Celtic Cross through the table. Smackdown ends with Sheamus standing with his arms over his head over Taker.
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Monday Night RAW LIVE
Oklahoma 01/03/10

We get the opening video package and pyro as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcoming us to the arena. Tonight we will find out the number 1 contender's to Miz & Big Show's Unified Tag Titles and 2 more MITB matches will take place and HHH v Miz is the Main Event!

Out comes Sheamus, to a large number of boos. He gets in the ring and on the mic. He says that the crowd know why he's here, because all weekend everyone has been asking, why did he attack Taker? why did he take out the Phenom? why did he interfere in something he had no business in? Sheamus gives us his really simple answer, to make an impact. He said he was planning on going to Wrestlemania as the "dubya dubya eee" Champion, and that even though he lost at the Elimination Chamber he said he was still going to achieve that goal last week on Raw, before he was screwed out of his opportunity. We see footage of Legacy's interference and the subsequent disqualification of Sheamus, before he gets back on the mic. He says that it was disgraceful, he lost his chance to go to Wrestlemania, and after that he had no match on the Grandest Stage of them all, and for a former WWE Champion that was unacceptable. So he promised himself that night that he was going to make an impact, and he did that on friday night smackdown. He said that the Undertaker had been put on notice, he wants him at Wrestlemania, because he's going to do something that nobody else has done, beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. How? Well because he's the Celtic Warrior, the strongest, meanest, most athletic superstar in the business and he's scared of no-one, he's younger, fitter and more determined than The Phenom. He says Taker is past it, an old man, his time is up. He says he's going to clean the WWE of all these so-called veterans, "legends", because it's time the youth stood up and was counted. So he's offering the challenge, in fact he's demanding The Undertaker face him at Wrestlemania, to prove he's still got it. But first, tonight, he's going to get revenge for last week, he's going to take out Legacy to prove a point.

There's a little pause before Legacy's music hits and Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase come down to the ring. Cole wonders if they're still on the same page, and Lawler affirms that they are. We have a 2 on 1 Handicap match and it's next.

Match 1: 2 on 1 Handicap Match: Sheamus v Legacy(Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes)

Long, back and forth match which concludes with Cody having Sheamus down on the mat after a DDT. Cody then goes to his corner, faces into the ring and starts to climb the turnbuckle, but DiBiase tags himself in. Cody notices and turns round and berates Ted, saying he had it covered and was going to finish him off. He pushes Ted's shoulder, who isn't responding, he does it again, before Ted punches him, Cody stumbles back into the centre of the ring and Sheamus takes him out with a big boot. Ted, the legal man, stands on the apron for a bit, before dropping off it, and slowly edging his way back up the ramp, the referee counts to 10 and Sheamus wins via countout.

Winner by countout-Sheamus.

DiBiase continues to back away up the ramp but unbeknowngst to him Orton is coming down it behind him. All DiBiase sees is Sheamus grinning as he sees what's happening. Finally DiBiase turns round into Orton who hits him with right hands, Orton pummels DiBiase who tries to escape back down the ramp. DiBiase however manages to trip Orton into the ringpost, and starts pummeling away on Orton, Orton however manages to counter an irish whip attempt by Ted and slams DiBiase into the steel steps. He then rolls Ted into the ring, bangs his knuckles on the mat, and as Ted turns around Orton hits an RKO, and DiBiase rolls out the ring. Orton is seething with rage, and he notices Cody struggling to his feet, so he grabs him, Cody pleads with him to stop this, it's not his fault, but Orton takes no notice and RKOs him too. He stares down Sheamus before leaving the ring and going up the ramp. Sheamus comes to the centre of the ring and faces the titantron as the lights go out, the gong sounds and when the lights come back on, Sheamus turns rounds straight into Taker, who sets him up for the chokeslam, but Sheamus kicks him in the gut, rolls out the ring and goes up the ramp. Taker picks up the mic and says "Sheamus, your judgement is clouded, your rashness ill-advised and your ignorance frightening. At Wrestlemania you will feel the full wrath of the dark side and learn the meaning of respect and fear when I take your soul, I accept". Taker poses as Sheamus looks on as we go to a commercial.

We're back and we have another Money In The Bank Qualifying match, already qualified are The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy and Drew McIntyre. Out first is Christian, and his opponent is Chavo Guerrero.

Match 2-Money In the Bank Qualifier: Christian v Chavo Guerrero.

Short-ish match which ends with Chavo hitting the 3 amigos on Christian. He goes to the top rope, goes for the Frog Splash but Christian lifts his knees up, Chavo lands on them and flips over onto his back on the mat. Christian gets up, sets Chavo up for the Killswitch, hits it, covers and gets the pin to qualify for Wrestlemania.


We immediately go backstage to "Cowboy" Bill Watts, who's talking to Evan Bourne, Maria and The Bellas, before he notices the camera and turns to it and says hi. He says he has a few announcements. He says after tonight's events he can confirm that Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship against both Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 26 in a Triple Threat match. He then says that his 2nd announcement is that next week's RAW will be a 3 hour special, with a very special guest host who the fans will love, though it's a secret. He says his final announcement is that Bret Hart will be allowed to be at RAW next week, to confront Vince McMahon. He says he hopes we enjoy the rest of the show. Mickie James then comes in and asks Bill if she can face Maryse tonight 1-on-1 to get some revenge after last week. Bill says he thinks that's a good idea, and that match is next, so we go to a commercial.

Match 3: Mickie James v Divas Champion Maryse.

A back and forth match where Mickie looks to be closing in on victory after a splash off the top rope. She covered but Maryse kicked out at 2. Mickie then set up for the Mick Kick, but Maryse ducked, grabbed Mickie by the hair, before hitting the French Kiss, covering and getting the pin.


After the match Maryse walks away blowing kisses all round as Mickie sits up, demonstrates that her hair was being pulled to the ref as we go to a Wrestlemania promo.

Back from that and MVP comes out to a decent pop, and his opponent is Carlito.

Match 4-Money In The Bank Qualifier-MVP v Carlito

Decent length Match which ends with MVP going for the Playmaker, but Carlito wriggled out the move, hit the Backstabber, went for the pin, but MVP kicked out.

Carlito set him up for it again, but MVP elbowed Carlito, hit a big boot, MVP kicked him in the gut, set him up for the Playmaker, covered for the pin to qualify for MITB at Mania!


We head to a commercial.

We're back and Vince McMahon comes out. He says his plan has backfired over next week, that Bret Hart will be there, but he doesn't mind because unlike Bret, he has two perfectly functioning legs. Not only that but he is bigger, stronger and a better fighter. However he wants "Cowboy" Bill Watts out here now to explain himself. However Cena's music hits and he comes down to the ring. He interrupts Vince and says it's no surprise that Vince is unhappy that Bret will be here next week, because Vince is scared. Vince knows he screwed Bret and is fearing the consequences. Vince says he's not scared of anybody, because he's the boss, the specimen and he can beat anybody, not that he needs to, as no-one can touch him. Cena says if he wasn't so scared then he'd have agreed to face Bret at Mania, instead of backhandledly taking him out, but as no-one can apparently touch him he'll put that to the test. He pushes Vince in the shoulder. Vince gets angry and says "how dare you, you do that again and I'll make sure it's the last thing you do", so Cena does it again, and Vince gets in his face, so Cena does it again, and Vince shoves him. So Cena grins then looks up with an angry look on his face, he lifts Vince up on his shoulders, shouts "this is for Bret", but Batista gets in the ring behind him, Cena turns round, drops Vince as Tista spears him. Tista roars, and beats down Cena, who crawls to the ropes. Tista then grabs Cena's chain, and yanks it up, suffocating Cena on both the rope and the chain. Cena goes blue and virtually passes out before Tista lets go. Tista raises his arms as Cena lies motionless on the ropes. Vince gets on the mic angry and says that next week, he'll teach Cena a lesson. It'll be Cena v Vince, and Cena will get it.

Next we have the number 1 contenders match for the Unified Tag Titles, which will defended on next week's RAW. Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu are 1 team and they're against The Hart Foundation, DH Smith and Tyson Kidd.

Match 5: Tag Team Match for the #1 Contendership to the Unified Tag Titles-Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu v DH Smith & Tyson Kidd.

A rather short match which ends with Evan Bourne going up top, hitting the Air Bourne on Kidd, covering but Smith broke it up. Tatsu takes Smith over the top rope. Bourne tries to pick Kidd up, but Kidd rolls him up and gets the shock pinfall.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders-The Hart Foundation.

We see HHH coming down to the ring for his main event against The Miz next!

HHH is out first, and then Miz comes out with all 3 of his belts.

Main Event: HHH v The Miz.

A short match with HHH hitting the spinebuster on Miz. But as he goes for the Pedigree, HBK's music hits and HHH turns round to face the titantron. The music stops and Miz rolls HHH up, and gets the pinfall!

Winner-The Miz.

After the match HHH is furious, he disassembles the announce table and ring steps, before getting back in the ring. He sighs, goes up the ramp, is about to go through the curtain but gets hit by a superkick, HBK steps out of the curtain and stands over HHH as the show goes off the air.
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WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Opening pyro followed by Grisham and Striker welcoming us to the show, tonight we will determine the final 2 entrants into the MITB match, 1 will be decided in an over the top battle royal.

We're starting the show off with Batista. He comes out to a lot of boos. He gets on the mic and says it's about time he said something about his Wrestlemania match against John Cena, but first he wants to show us what happened on RAW last week, and we get video footage of Batista choking Cena out. Batista says that he doesn't really need to talk much, as actions speak louder than words. He says his actions say everything, he is better than John Cena. He's proving it, week in, week out and the same thing will continue to happen and will happen again at Wrestlemania. He's already beaten Cena once, yet he still doesn't get the respect or the support that Cena gets. Why? Because Cena is the posterboy for the WWE. He gets the movies, the title shots, the new t-shirts, music albums and the like. What does Batista get? nothing. All he gets is supposed friends costing him opportunity after opportunity, and he's had enough. He's not getting pushed around anymore and will prove himself to be the most dominant force in the WWE, and at Wrestlemania he's making a promise, he will put John Cena back on the shelf. Last time they faced off he broke Cena's neck, this time Cena will not walk out the arena. The fans chant for Cena but Tista says he's not coming, he's at home watching this right now, because he's weak, he's hurt after monday night. Well, he says to Cena, that he's coming back to RAW on monday, and Cena better be ready for him. Batista drops the mic and goes to the back as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we have our final singles qualifying match for the Money In The Bank Ladder match, it's Shelton Benjamin against Finlay.

Match 1: Money In The Bank Qualifier-Shelton Benjamin v Finlay.

Back and forth match which concludes with Finlay going for the Celtic Cross, but Shelton managed to roll him up for a 2 count. Finlay got up, went to attack Shelton, but Shelton hit the Paydirt from nowhere, covered and got the pin.

Winner-Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton celebrates as he joins Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Matt Hardy, Christian, MVP and Drew McIntyre in the MITB Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 26.

We're backstage with CM Punk taping up as Luke Gallows enters with Serena. Gallows asks if he's ready for this. Punk says yes, he says they know the plan, and that not only that, but tonight Gallows is going to win the Battle Royal tonight and win the Money In The Bank Ladder match, whilst he destroys Rey Mysterio. They all laugh, before Punk asks if they're ready, they say yes. Punk then stops Gallows and asks if the cargo is safe. Gallows says it's fine. Punk smiles and says "let's go".

Grisham and Striker wonder what's going on as Punk's music hits and he comes out on his own, before Gallows and Serena come out with a small human who has a bag over his head. They bring it to the ring and Punk gets on the mic. He says he's having fun, but then he realises he has to come near these losers who are destroying their already pathetic lives by being fat, smoking, drug taking alcoholics, poisoning their lives. However he's on his crusade against masks, and once again Serena goes round taking masks off children, before Punk orders the security to remove all masks, and the arena's security does so. Punk then says he's going to carry on his crusade against Rey, so asks Rey to come out. Rey comes out and stands on the ramp. Punk asks how Rey is? Rey says fine but asks Punk who's the kid? Punk looks puzzled, and Rey says who's the kid, with the bag on his head. Punk acts surprised and says this guy? Rey says yes, Punk says he'll love this. He says he needs to get Rey's attention, he needs to make this personal, he wants to prove Rey's irrationality due to his mental weaknesses from hiding behind his mask for so many years. Rey's getting agitated and tells him to show him who the person is. Punk asks if he's sure. Mysterio says if Punk doesn't, he'll come down there and do it himself. Punk grabs the person, who's now struggling, and Rey starts to come down the ramp slightly. Punk subdues the person, and undoes the bag, takes it off slowly to reveal...Rey's son, Dominic Mysterio!

Rey is apoplectic, and hurls abuse at Punk down the mic in both mexican and english, before charging down to the ring, but Punk legs it with Dominic, and Gallows takes out Rey, but Rey struggles away and goes after Punk who runs through the crowd. Eventually we see Rey running through the back trying to find Punk, before seeing the door to the parking lot open. Rey runs out and sees Punk throw Dominic in the car, and as reaches the trunk and smacks it the car drives off. Rey is enraged and in tears as we head to a commercial.

We come back and we see footage of Punk kidnapping Dominic, and as we come back to the arena we're in Teddy Long's room and Rey is sat on the sofa. Teddy says he's sorry and he'll try and get in touch with Punk and the authorities. Vickie Guerrero comes in and says that she will do her absolute best to find Dominic and help Rey, they've had a dodgy past but she knows how much Dominic means to Rey and she will try her absolute best to help him through it. Rey just wipes the tears away and walks off.

We head to the ring and Cryme Tyme are limbering up for action, and out come the #1 Contenders for the Unified Tag Titles, The Hart Foundation. Grisham reminds us they will get their title shot on the 3 hour RAW special next monday live.

Match 2: Cryme Tyme v The Hart Foundation.

A quite long match to put the tag division over. The match ended with JTG setting up DH Smith for his finisher, but Tyson Kidd came in and grabbed JTG, but Shad took him out, and they went over the ropes together. JTG turned round into DH Smith, who hit the Running Powerslam, covered and got the pin.

Winners-The Hart Foundation.

After another ad break Mickie James comes out. She says that she's sick of being treated like dirt, week after week she and women like her are being mistreated by egotistical "women" who are so self-obsessed that they discredit anything positive about anyone else, and incompetent men who don't care about the rights of women. So she's going to make a stand for the rights of women. Before she can carry on though out comes Michelle McCool, the Women's Champion, with her apparently new boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. She says that Mickie will get part of her wish, on Raw this monday she will get her shot at the Women's title, but it'll be her only shot, as once she's beaten her on monday, Mickie will forever be known as a pathetic, fat waste of space that no-one cares about anymore because she's worthless and subordinate. Mickie buts in saying she's heard it all before and it's just sad that someone as imperfect as Michelle can come out with such crap. Dolph interjects and says that Mickie shouldn't say such things about his lady. Mickie asks what she's going to do and Michelle smiles as Layla jumps Mickie from behind, pummels her, but Mickie fights back and throws Layla over the top rope, before getting on the ropes and pointing at Michelle who looks shocked, but raises her title in the air as we cut to a dark screen on the titantron.

Smoke is wafting around on the screen before there's lightning bolts in this video and The Undertaker appears, the whole arena goes dark. Taker says that last week Sheamus tried to make a statement, that he can beat Taker and wanted to challenge him at Wrestlemania. Taker says he gets his wish, but that you cannot conquer death. At Wrestlemania Sheamus will sell his soul to the Devil and will be damned eternally to the depths of Hell when he is added to the list on the streak. At Wrestlemania...Sheamus...will Rest In Peace. Taker's music hits and he vanishes as quickly as he came on the video as we head to a commercial.

We're back with the Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the final MITB spot.

Match 3-15 man over the top rope Battle Royal for the final MITB qualifying spot-Chris Masters v Chavo Guerrero v Carlito v Primo v Evan Bourne v Yoshi Tatsu v Mark Henry v Big Show v Kane v John Morrison v R-Truth v William Regal v Zach Ryder v Dolph Ziggler v Luke Gallows.

The final 3 are John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler & Luke Gallows. Gallows tries to throw Ziggler over, but Dolph holds on to the ropes. Morrison then attacks Gallows, but Luke kicks Morrison in the gut, goes for a powerbomb, but Dolph pushes him in the back towards the ropes. Morrison leans back, grabs the ropes, and throws Gallows over the ropes with a headscissors. He lands on the apron, Dolph charges at him but Morrison back bodydrops him onto Gallows over the rope to win the match and qualify for Wrestlemania.

Winner-John Morrison.

We get a graphic showing the 8 MITB participants at Wrestlemania 26-The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre, Christian, MVP, Shelton Benjamin & John Morrison. We then get graphics of the other confirmed matches: John Cena v Batista, The Undertaker v Sheamus, HBK v HHH, "Hair vs Mask" CM Punk v Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho v Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship and Randy Orton v Ted DiBiase v Cody Rhodes in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship.

When these graphics finish we have Chris Jericho coming out to the ring. He says that he's thoroughly sick of Edge and all these parasites going on about how Jericho will lose the title at Mania and how Edge will spear him again to win the title. He says it's all nonsense, he says he is the best in the business at what he does and he proves that by being the World Heavyweight Champion, something you all have to accept. He says that come Wrestlemania it will be Edge v Jericho 1-on-1, and things will be different to the cheap shots Edge keeps taking. Jericho will prove he was the dominant partner in their tag team partnership and that he is a better wrestler than Edge.

Edge comes out to a huge pop. He gets on the mic and says that Chris can talk and talk and talk and go on about how he's Champ, but that's only till Wrestlemania. He says that if it wasn't for him, Y2J wouldn't be here as champion now, Edge did him a favour. Y2J says that he needed no favour, he would have won anyway. Edge says the footage says differently, but that regardless of that the reason he interfered was because he wants to teach Jericho a lesson at Wrestlemania, a message about backing up your words, about decency and respect, and he's going to do that by spearing Jericho's ass out of Phoenix and becoming the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Jericho glares at him before going for a cheap shot, but Edge is quicker and takes Jericho down and pummels him. Jericho eventually gets free and up, kicks Edge in the gut, taunts him before running at him off the ropes, but Edge spears him!. Edge says something to Jericho in his ear before standing over him with the World Heavyweight Championship as Smackdown goes off the air.
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wow, the time and effort put into this is amazing
keep up the good work!
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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE

Huge opening pyro as the 3 hour RAW special begins, we are welcomed by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler and we have a huge show tonight. Vince v Cena is the Main Event and all the MITB participants will face off against each other in singles action. Also MizShow will defend their tag titles against The Hart Foundation.

Justin Roberts then asks the crowd to welcome our very special guest host for tonight, he pauses and the music hits...and it's The Rock!. The crowd erupts as he comes down to the ring and gets on the mic. He goes through his usual routine of "Finally The Rock Has Come Back" before he tells us it's great to be back and in charge for tonight's show. He says we're going to have a great night because we have some great matches and not only that but Bret Hart is here tonight. The crowd pops to this. The Rock says he was asked two weeks ago to guest host Raw by "Cowboy" Bill Watts, who was last week's host, because Watts said he wanted someone strong who can stand up to the politics of Vince McMahon. He says that everyone else, him, Stone Cold and the rest all have had closure in their careers, with their final one big Wrestlemania match, but Bret Hart has never had that. So The Rock is making that happen, at Wrestlemania they will face off in a brutal match, where no love will be lost and Bret will have his chance for revenge, in No Holds Barred match. The crowd pops for this, and The Rock says Bret will be out here later, and that we should enjoy the show. Rock goes to leave but The Miz's music hits and he comes out with his unified tag titles and US Championship.

He comes out and tells "Rocky" to wait up. He says that it's a travesty that he has to not only defend his Unified Tag Team Championships and compete in the MITB participants event tonight, he says it's pathetic that he gets persecuted for being successful and talented. The Rock laughs, and says that he admires The Miz's achievements, being the US and Tag Champion is a remarkable achievement, that only a select few have managed the feat. However there is a difference between The Miz and them, they never ran their mouth and moaned and whined and complained like him, he says it's time The Miz shut his mouth and did the business in the ring. The Miz smiles, and says he hopes The Rock will watch Mania because he will see The truly great one, The Miz, walk out not only the US Champion, the Tag Champion but also Mr. MITB, because he's The Miz and he's awesome. The Rock laughs and wishes The Miz good luck tonight, before leaving the ring. The Rock then turns around and says that if The Miz gets disqualified or counted out in either of his matches tonight, he will lose his spot in the MITB match. The Miz looks angry, before The Rock introduces Miz's opponent, Christian.

Christian and Rock shakes hands on the ramp before Christian comes into the ring and we have our first MITB Participants match of the night.

Match 1: The Miz v Christian.

A 10 minute match which ends with Miz irish whipping Christian to the corner. Christian kicks the onrushing Miz in the gut, climbs to the 2nd rope, jumps off with 2 clenched fists, but The Miz kicks him in the gut, goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Christian reverses into the Killswitch, but Miz rolls Christian up into the Crucifix pin, and gets a 2 count. The Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale again, but Christian kicks him in the gut. Christian goes for a running clothesline, but Miz catches him and turns it into the Skull Crushing Finale, covers and gets the pin.

Winner-The Miz.

The Miz sits up with a smirk on his face and 1 arm aloft as we go backstage to HHH sitting down in his locker room taping up. The Rock comes in, HHH stands up(back in the Attitude Era days now). HHH asks what he wants, The Rock says that he's seen the implosion of DX and a great friendship in recent weeks, and he's sorry for it, but he knows that even back when he was in the WWE, the pair of them(HHH & HBK) were absolute assholes, and they still are. He says that they were probably the two best competitors of that time and now, and that the match at Wrestlemania will be off the charts. HHH says he's knows it will be, but that in reality, there's only going to be one winner, him. HHH leaves and The Rock grins away as we head to a commercial.

We're back for the 2nd MITB participants match with Kofi Kingston in the ring. Out comes his opponent, Drew McIntyre.

Match 2: Kofi Kingston v Drew McIntyre.

As long a match as the first one which concludes with Kofi jumping on Drew who had been irish whipped into the turnbuckle. Kofi pummels away on Drew on the turnbuckle, before Drew grabs Kofi in a bear hug position, and belly to belly suplexes him back into the turnbuckle, where Kofi's back crashes against the post. Drew sets up Thee Move, hits it, covers and gets the pin.

Winner-Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre celebrates with his Intercontinental Championship as Kofi gets a precautionary check over by the medical team, but eventually gets up and walks out to applause.

In the backstage area John Cena is watching the action and loosening up. The Rock enters. There's an awkward pause before Cena cracks the ice with a "nice new film you've got" and The Rock laughs and they're cool with each other. The Rock asks if he's ready for tonight, Cena says he's always ready, before asking if Batista's here. The Rock says he doesn't know, but that at Wrestlemania, it's gonna be one hell of a fight. Cena says if he sees Batista tonight, he will rip his head off after what he did last week, he doesn't care about Wrestlemania, he wants The Animal tonight.

Back from a commercial and Mickie James is out. She says that tonight she will represent all the persecuted and abused women in the world by winning the Women's Title. She says it's about time that egotrips like Michelle McCool learnt decency, respect and humility, and tonight she'll learn the hard way tonight.

Michelle McCool comes out, laughs at Mickie and says that Mickie can talk, and "represent the people" all she wants, but in reality, she's just piggy James who's a complete failure and has no class and style like her. She poses with the belt before coming down to the ring.

Match 3: Women's Championship-Michelle McCool(c) v Mickie James.

Mickie jumps Michelle as soon as she gets in the ring, she pummels her and the ref has to break it up. Mickie charges at Michelle, who kicks her in the groin, pokes her in the eye and grabs her hair and slaps Mickie. Michelle smirks and taunts Mickie before slapping her. Mickie grabs Michelle's leg and takes her down, gets up and tells Michelle to bring it, but Layla comes in and jumps her from behind. Layla pummels her, but Mickie rolls over and beats her down, but then is whacked in the back of the head by Michelle who has undone her belt and whipped Mickie with it. Michelle whips Mickie with the belt, before asking Layla to hold Mickie back, Layla does so, and Michelle gets her title, rubs it in Mickie's face before spitting in her face. Michelle then boots Mickie in the side of her face with her heel, and Mickie is knocked out. Michelle and Layla hug and celebrate as they leave the ring with Mickie lying injured and embarrassed in the ring.

Winner-Mickie James via DQ, still Women's Champion Michelle McCool.

After a commercial we are back in the arena when the Priceless music hits and Ted DiBiase comes out and down to the ring. He gets on the mic and says that last week he got rid of the excess baggage he called Cody Rhodes. He says that for over a year he has let Cody tag along in his wake, but recently Cody has been letting him down, costing him matches and in all honesty Cody is weak. He says that really the match at Wrestlemania should be between him and Orton. He said last week he underestimated Randy, that because he's relied on Legacy for so long everyone forgot that Orton was the Legend Killer and one of the most talented and successful youngsters in the WWE. But now, times have changed, and that youngster is him. He says that Orton wouldn't be WWE Champion if it wasn't for him, so at Wrestlemania he's taking his title. This year Wrestlemania is all about the money, his father gets rightly inducted into the Hall Of Fame and he will become the new WWE Champion, and prove that he is the only entity in the business that is truly priceless.

DiBiase smiles, but then the Legacy's music hits and Cody Rhodes comes out. Cody tells Ted that really the only reason they ever lost matches is because Ted was so self-consumed and selfish that he screwed him over week after week after week. It's always been about Ted and his career and future, but now, he's gone his own way and has no-one to back him up, and it's now everybody will realise who the most talented superstar is. He says that Ted gets by on his look, but Cody gets by on his pure talent. He says that in reality, DiBiase is just a bad version of Orton, and that even though he respects Orton's talent, he's sick of being his lacky and doing his dirty work. He says that at Wrestlemania it's every man for himself, and that Ted can talk all he wants, but that in reality, he's in for one hell of a ride.

Ted says that Cody's wasting his breath. Cody's always been "The Other Guy", just like his father, no-one cared about Dusty, he never made an impact, just like Cody never will. Orton always saw more talent in Ted than Cody, he was the preferred member of Legacy and he's his own man and he proved it and will do again at Wrestlemania. Ted says he was the guy who got into the Elimination Chamber, he's the guy that eliminated Cena and HHH, he's the man who Orton had to take out because he feared him, Orton knows he's more talented than him and at Wrestlemania he'll prove it.

The Rock appears on the titantron and interrupts Ted and Cody. He says that he's been thinking up an idea to keep you two busy instead of bickering all the time, so he came up with a suggestion with the help of their former mentor, the WWE Champion Randy Orton. The camera pans to the right and onto Orton. He says that they have been entered into the Pick Your Poison scenario, each week one of us will pick the other 2 participants in the Triple Threat match's opponents, and tonight it's his turn. Now as both these guys say they are so talented and can beat anyone, he's going to see if they can stand up to the test. Tonight Cody will face...A man who Orton has had success with and against, The Royal Rumble winner, Edge. The crowd pops for this, and he then says as Ted loves talking so much he can face a guy who doesn't listen to the crap anyone says and who will teach him the meaning of the word talent, The Undertaker. And Cody's match is next.

We go to a Wrestlemania XXVI promo, and after this Edge's music hits and he comes down to the ring.

Match 4: Cody Rhodes v Edge.

A rather short back and forth match which Edge takes control of with a DDT. He sets up Cody for the Spear but as he does that Chris Jericho appears on the titantron and distracts Edge by saying "Spear, Spear, Spear" over and over to Edge, who looks bemused. Cody then grabs Edge from behind, hits the Cross Rhodes and covers for the surprise pin.

Winner-Cody Rhodes.

Cody escapes as Edge looks on seething as Jericho laughs away on the titantron. Jericho then tells Edge to get used to the feeling of being pinned, because at Wrestlemania, it will be the exact same feeling.

Cole and Lawler then run through the list of inductees into the HoF this year, including Ted DiBiase.

Now we have the 3rd MITB participants match of the evening, out first is MVP and his opponent is Shelton Benjamin.

Match 5: MVP v Shelton Benjamin.

A back and forth match with MVP setting up the Drive By, but Shelton dodged, went for the T-Bone, hit it, got a 2 count. He set up MVP for the Paycheck, but MVP countered, booted Shelton in the face, set up the Playmaker, hit it, went for the pin, got to a count of 2 before Shelton rolled MVP up out of nowhere and got a shock pinfall.

Winner-Shelton Benjamin.

MVP looked dejected as Shelton dissappeared back up the ramp with a big grin on his face.

Then The Rock comes on the big screen. He says he has an important announcement. Next week the guest host is none other than "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The crowd erupts as The Rock smiles before "The Game's" Music hits and he comes out.

HHH comes to the ring and says he is sick and tired of HBK's cowardlyness. He's sick of him always sneaking around and taking everyone out with cheap shots and cowardly behaviour. So he's calling him out so they can go face to face.

HBK's music hits and he comes down to the ring. HHH says that now he's here he can be a man and superkick HHH when he can see him, like a man. HBK says no, that's pointless, and that HHH is being an idiot. HHH says he'll drop the mic, and for HBK to do it. HBK says no, he won't, because that will give HHH satisfaction, and an excuse for revenge. He doesn't want that, he'll happily superkick HHH all night long at Wrestlemania. Shawn says that he is a man, unlike Orton last year, who took out HHH's wife and family to get to HHH, he's not giving HHH that excuse and besides, he has his own family. HHH gets angry and says HBK wouldn't dare anyway, not when...HBK finishes the sentence by saying "Not when steph's pregnant". Well HHH should be grateful, grateful that he's facing HBK, because at Wrestlemania HBK is going to do him a favour and end his career, so that HHH can go and work in an office in Stamford and spend all the time he wants with his family. HHH laughs, and says that HBK has it all wrong, because it will The Game who ends the career of HBK when he destroys him once and for all. HBK says if HHH beats him, he will retire, because if he can't prove he's the better man and was the leader of DX, then his career and history becomes meaningless. HHH says it's a deal, because if he can't beat HBK, then his career too will be nothing, the titles, the main events are nothing if he can't prove he's the best on the grandest stage of them all. At Wrestlemania the talking stops, and only one of them will walk out with a career. HBK says it's on, and they'll tear the house down, for the final time. HBK drops the mic, goes to walk away, feints a superkick, but HHH smiles and doesn't flinch. HBK then leaves as HHH just stands there and points to the Wrestlemania sign as we go to a commercial.

We're back and we get replays of the confrontation between HHH and HBK, and it's official, at Wrestlemania, whoever loses has to retire.

Out comes Matt Hardy for the final MITB participants match, and his opponent obviously is John Morrison.

Match 6: Matt Hardy v John Morrison.

A short match which ends with Matt going up top, posing, going for his double-fisted takedown, but Morrison dropkicks him. Morrison then hits the Starship Pain, covers and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner-John Morrison.

Vince McMahon is backstage loosening up. Batista enters, and asks if Vince is ready for tonight. Vince says he's fine, but has Batista got his back. Batista says Vince doesn't need his help, that he can do this himself. Vince gets angry and goes on about their deal, Batista says it's fine, he has a plan. He shoves the camera away but the camera turns round again, so Batista grabs it and smashes it into the wall and breaks it.

We're back in the ring and Ted DiBiase comes out with a stern expression on his face. Then, The Undertaker's music hits and he comes down to the ring and we have a match.

Match 7: Ted DiBiase v The Undertaker.

A short match, The Undertaker took control, hit Snake Eyes and went for a Chokeslam, and hit it. The Undertaker sets up for the Tombstone but Sheamus appears out of nowhere and beats Taker down. DiBiase crawls away and escapes as Sheamus beats down Taker, he gets back up, and poses. Sheamus then turns round, and Taker grabs him by the throat, goes for the Chokeslam, but Sheamus kicks him in the gut. Sheamus throws him through the ropes to the outside. He smashes Taker into the turnbuckle post, and then pulls the announce table apart. He sets Taker up for the Celtic Cross on the table, and puts Taker through the table with the move. Sheamus poses over Taker as the crowd is in shock as we go to a commercial.

Back from the commercial and MizShow are coming out to boos and jeers from the crowd ahead of their Unified Tag Titles match. The Miz gets on the mic and says it's an injustice that he has to fight twice in a night, and that he's filed an official complaint with the WWE Board of Directors. Out come The Hart Foundation, and as they are sick with Miz moaning, they'll cut him a deal. They'll happily postpone the match till next week, on one condition. The Miz agrees, and then Show looks at him and calls him an idiot, before asking for the condition. DH Smith says the condition is that the match becomes a ladder match, and as Miz accepts, it's on, as they went to The Rock and he confirmed it as long as there was verbal agreement between the 2 of us. They laugh and smile as Show berates The Miz as they now have to defend their titles in a ladder match next week, and we head to a Wrestlemania XXV promo.

We're back and it's Main Event time. Out first is John Cena to a big pop in his orange and blue attire. Cena waits patiently as Vince comes out with a steel pipe. Vince gets on the mic and says this match is no DQ and No Holds Barred, Cena says bring it. So as Cena waits in the ring, Vince stalls on the ramp. From behind The Big Show attacks Cena, and beats him down. Vince rings the bell, and Big Show sets up Cena for a Chokeslam, Cena dodges, goes for the FU, but in comes Batista who spears Cena. Big Show then sets Cena up for a Knockout Blow, and he delivers it. Vince rushes in and covers Cena, but Cena kicks out at 2. Vince then hands Cena over to Batista. Batista picks Cena up, and delivers a Spinebuster. He then sets Cena up for the Batista Bomb, and delivers it. Cena is out as Vince covers again. Cena somehow kicks out. Vince then orders Big Show to hold Cena still, and he picks up his metal pipe. He bashes it into his hand a few times, before lining up Cena's ribs, as he does this though, Bret Hart's music hits and Vince stops and turns around. But then the music changes and The Rock's music hits and he comes out. The Rock says that got Vince's attention, and that Vince better understand something. In fact, he's going to show it him first. Bret then comes out to his music, and he has no crutches and is walking freely. The Rock and Bret embrace, before The Rock explains that Bret's "injury" was fake, he has no injury. Vince tried to screw him, but failed. Bret knew what was going to happen and that's why Cena was involved and that's why The Rock is here, because they organised the stunt. Rock did say he was $20k out of pocket but it worked. Vince is furious, he calls them every name under the sun, but Hart interrupts him and says that there's more pressing issues at hand, he and Rock look at each other before they charge at the ring.

They enter, and Rock takes out Batista and pummels him and Hart goes after Show. Batista and Show get the upper hand and Tista throws Rock over the ropes and grabs Hart. Show goes for the knockout punch on Bret, but he dodges and Show punches Tista. Tista is on his hands and knees and stunned, and Hart tries to push Show over the ropes, but Show grabs him, however Hart pushes Show back to the ropes and The Rock pulls the ropes down, and the 2 together manage to get Show over the ropes. Vince has tried to escape up the ramp, but as Rock and Hart stare him down, Mark Henry comes out, and he picks up Vince and carries him to the ring. Henry puts Vince in the ring, and Vince pleads with Rock and Hart not to do anything. Rock picks Vince up and then Cena stands up and grabs Vince, he kicks Vince in the gut and lifts him onto his shoulders as Mark Henry takes out Big Show on the outside and Batista has walked off dazed. Cena delivers the FU, covers Vince, and gets the pinfall.

Winner-John Cena.

Cena, Rock and Hart raise each other's arms as the show goes off the air.
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WWE Friday Night Smackdown

We have the opening pyro as Grisham and Striker welcome us to the show. Tonight we get vital new information on the status of Rey's son Dominic and the Main Event is very special, Edge & The Undertaker will team up to face Chris Jericho & Sheamus.

On that note we get the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship and the Royal Rumble winner Edge coming down to the ring. He gets on the mic and says a lot of people will be wondering whether tonight he and The Undertaker can co-exist, after what they've been through in the past. He says they won't have a problem because he respects The Undertaker, even though he doesn't like him, but that they are professionals and have a job to do. He says tonight he gets the opportunity to spear Chris Jericho once again and send another message to the world, because at Wrestlemania he will...

Jericho's music hits and he asks Edge what he will do, will he keep running his mouth saying he'll do this and that like he's always done and never back himself up? because Edge is the Rated A Bullshitter. Edge laughs, and says that that's very hypocritical coming from Jericho of all people. Y2J says there's 1 big difference, he's the World Champion, the best in the world at what he does, Edge isn't. Edge says that in a fortnight we'll see if that's still the case. Jericho chuckles, and says that Edge should worry more about tonight, because after RAW last night Taker won't be anywhere near full strength after what his tag team partner did to him last night, so Edge should be warned because he's in for the beating of his life tonight. Edge tells him simply to bring it, because he's not scared and regardless of this he will beat Jericho at Wrestlema...and he's taken out from behind by Sheamus. Sheamus beats him down and throws him into the turnbuckle, Jericho waltzes down and gets in the ring. Sheamus continues to beat Edge down as Jericho talks to him and then folds his belt up. Sheamus grabs Edge and holds him in position as Jericho sets him up to smack him with the belt, but suddenly the lights go out, and when they come back on Taker has both Sheamus and Jericho by the throat. Sheamus kicks Taker off and rolls away, but Jericho tries to escape, but Taker grabs him and chokeslams him to the mat, and turns and does his cutthroat pose to Sheamus who's on the ramp, and he raises him arm in his trademark pose. Taker then does his kneeling pose in blue light, he undoes his straps on his slinglet to reveal tape around his ribs from last night's attack as we go to a commercial.

Back from the commercial and Matt Hardy comes out, and he's followed out by Kofi Kingston. Grisham tells us that we are having 2 tag matches tonight featuring the MITB participants, this is confirmed as Drew McIntyre comes out followed by Shelton Benjamin.

Match 1: Matt Hardy & Kofi Kingston v Drew McIntyre & Shelton Benjamin.

A long back and forth match where McIntyre hit Thee Move on Hardy, got a 2 count, berated the ref. Then got tagged by Benjamin, they argued in the corner as Hardy tagged in Kofi, McIntyre slapped Shelton, and then was clotheslined out the ring by Hardy. Shelton laughed, and got in the ring, got on the ropes and laughed at McIntyre, but he turned round right into a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi, who covered and got the pinfall.

Winners-Kofi Kingston & Matt Hardy.

Hardy rolls back in and raises Kofi's hand as Drew leaves on his own and Shelton lies on the outside clutching his head.

We're backstage and Rey is in Teddy Long's room with his wife and daughter. Rey asks if Teddy minds him bringing his family here tonight because he feels that they're safer here and he can look after them. Teddy says it's no problem and asks Rey what's he going to down about Punk and his son. Rey says he doesn't know. Then a woman comes in and tells Teddy something, Long says that they've made contact with Punk and that he wants Rey to go down to the ring with his family now.

We have a delay with Todd and Matt wondering what's going to happen. Then Rey's music hits and he comes down to the ring with his arms around his wife and his daughter. He just stands there with them, and Teddy says they're hooking up a live feed to Punk, and after some interference and bumpy images on the titantron Punk appears on camera. He says hi to Rey and says it's nice to see he has his family there with him nice and safe. Rey asks where Dominic is. Punk smiles and says Dominic is safe and happy being brought up in the proper way, the straight edge way. He says today Dominic met his straight edge friends and he nearly got a tattoo, he laughs and Rey squirms in the ring. He says for Punk to leave Dominic alone, he's taken it too far and he wants his son back. Punk laughs, and looks around and asks if this place looks familiar to Rey. Rey looks taken aback, Punk pans the camera around and says he's somewhere very familiar, he's in San Diego. He then asks Rey if he recognises the street, Rey stammers, and Punk says he hopes he does, because it's his street. Punk goes for a walk down the street, before taking the camera, revealing Serena as the person originally holding it. Punk then pans the camera on a pick-up truck, which flashes its lights, and Luke Gallows gets out. Punk gives the camera back to Serena, and points to a driveway and a house. He asks if this house is familiar, and Rey is angry, and says don't, and Punk laughs and carries on. He says it must be familiar, as it's Rey's house. He says it's time to get down to business, and have some fun. He asks Gallows to get the bag, and Gallows comes back from the truck with a big bag and puts it down outside the front door. Punk opens it, and takes out an axe, he then looks at the camera, smiles, and says "enjoy", before smashing the front door with the axe.

After a few blows, Punk smashes through the door, into the house and then smashes the alarm out. He then goes back, gets out a baseball bat, and asks Gallows to keep guard. He brings the bag in, and then goes round the ground floor, smashing ornaments, family photos, tv's and anything breakable up. He then throws the Tv through the back window of the house. He went into the kitchen and put the stove on, and set the tea towels on fire and starts a blaze, before saying it's time to go, and he leaves the house, they get into the truck and they drive off with flames starting to flicker. The camera switches off, and we come back in the ring and Rey is kneeling, absolutely distraught and hugging his family as we go to a commercial.

We're back and we see the shocking highlights of what CM Punk has just done to Rey Mysterio's house, and we just see Rey leaving the building with his family.

Back in the ring we have Christian and MVP come out after each other, with their opponents John Morrison and The Miz. The Miz is not happy with this.

Match 2: Christian & MVP v John Morrison & The Miz.

A short match because The Miz refuses to let Morrison tag out, so even though Morrison gets on top in the match and sets up MVP for the Starship Pain, he misses and MVP tags in Christian. Morrison goes to tag in Miz, he walks off, so Morrison has no choice but to try and keep fighting, but eventually he's overcome and Christian hits the Killswitch for the pin.

Winners-Christian & MVP.

Christian & MVP point to the Wrestlemania sign before turning to Miz on the ramp who raises all of his titles as we go backstage to Teddy Long's office.

Teddy is talking on the phone and he just confirms that the fire service were called to Rey's house and that Rey and his family are going home, and that he can't do much else about it. He says he's trying to do his job, and he just apologises and puts the phone down. Mickie James then comes in, and asks what Teddy is going to do to get justice in this place, to get decency and class brought into the WWE and stop this prejudice and bile directed at her and all the other decent women in this company by a select, "precious" few. Before she can continue Maryse enters, and says it's no surprise to see a coward like Mickie run to authority to try and get her own way, after all, she is weak and pathetic and can't look after herself. Mickie gets angry and says she wants a shot at the Divas title. Before Teddy can say anything though Michelle enters with Layla and Dolph, and says that, although she's not a big fan of Maryse, they both have things in common. They are beautiful, slim, smart, intelligent, talented and champions, whereas Mickie is none of these. Mickie smiles, and says it's easy to talk, and she's heard enough of their bile, she just wants to get down to business, she doesn't mind who she faces, she'll take them all on. Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim appear behind Mickie in support, and Mickie says that if they thought they could pick on her, they were sadly mistaken. She says they are going to get equality, fair treatment and respect from each and every person when they beat the "precious" trio. Michelle gets in Mickie's face before Teddy breaks it up and interjects. He says that the lot of them have a lot of tension between them and they need a platform to not only relieve it, but to back up their words. So there will be a 6 diva tag at Wrestlemania, on one team, it will be the Divas Champion Maryse, the Woman's Champion Michelle McCool and Layla, and on the other it will be Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly and Mickie James. He then says "holla playas" before leaving. Both sides glare at each other as we go to a break.

We're back with Ezekiel Jackson in the ring, and his opponent is Kane, who comes out to his usual pyro. Grisham and Striker highlight how Kane will look to bounce back from his defeat to Drew McIntyre last week.

Match 3: Kane v Ezekiel Jackson.

A short match which ends with Kane going up top for his flying clothesline, but Ezekiel counters by catching Kane and delivering a belly to belly suplex. Jackson then sets up The Book of Ezekiel, hit it, covered and got the pinfall victory.

Winner-Ezekiel Jackson.

Kane holds his head and looks dejected as Ezekiel roars and raises his arms in approval as Grisham highlights Kane's 2nd straight defeat.

We go backstage and see Batista coming to the ring, he's up next!

**WWE UK Tour Promo**

Batista's music hits as we are back. He comes out in a vest with jeans and shades. He comes to the ring and says that last monday things didn't go to plan, but from now on he's staying out of other people's business and focusing on his Wrestlemania match with John Cena, because he's determined to beat him and once and for all prove he's the better man and should be the face of the WWE. He say 2 weeks ago on Raw he choked Cena out, and that no matter what Cena tries he can't beat him down, he can't hurt him. He reminds us that last time they faced off, 18 months ago at Summerslam he broke Cena's neck, and he's not afraid to do it again, because he can, he can hurt Cena and he will do to make a statement, the statement that he is The Animal and will destroy every opponent he faces.

Cena's music hits, and he comes out onto the ramp. He says he's tired of Batista talking, it's boring and he's heard it every time before when he's faced a guy who thinks he's big enough to beat him. Well, let's face the facts, he's beaten bigger guys than Batista, and hell yeah he's been injured, but he's always come back stronger and is still the top dog, that's something Batista can't handle, that Cena has been and always will be the top star. Cena's beaten them all and he's not scared of Batista, whatever he says. Batista says that Cena may have beaten them all, except him. And that's the difference, he's already beaten him, and at Wrestlemania it won't be any different, no matter what Cena says or does.

Cena says in that case he wishes Batista all the luck he needs, and that at Wrestlemania, we will see. One things for sure, there'll be no hiding, no excuses, no pretending, that night the best man will win, and that will be that. Cena drops the mic as his music hits and they stare down as we go to a commercial.

We come back and we have highlights of the Punk incident, Cena/Tista and the Edge/Y2J/Sheamus promo, and now Y2J's music hits to tell us it's time for the main event. Sheamus follows him out, then Edge followed by The Undertaker.

Main Event: Edge & The Undertaker v World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho & Sheamus.

Long main event, which concludes when Sheamus has Edge in a headlock, Edge starts to build momentum and elbow Sheamus, before he breaks free and clotheslines Sheamus. Edge tries to get to Taker, but Sheamus tags in Jericho, who grabs Edge's ankle. Edge flips over and kicks Jericho away, and tags in Taker. Taker takes down Y2J with right hands, followed by a big boot. He then boots Sheamus off the apron, before grabbing Jericho by the throat. Jericho kicks him in the gut, and goes for the bulldog but Taker boots him in the face. Taker then does the cutthroat pose before trying to set Jericho for the Last Ride, but Sheamus distracts the ref, and Edge comes in and spears Sheamus off the apron, before diving over the top rope onto the Irishman. Jericho low blows Taker with the referee not looking, he goes for the Codebreaker, but Taker pushes him away. Jericho then runs at Taker, but Taker hits the chokeslam out of nowhere. He then sets him up for the Tombstone, but Jericho rolls through and rolls Taker up, gets a 2 count. Jericho then charges at Taker, who grabs him by the throat, lifts him up but Y2J hits the Codebreaker out of nowhere, covers and gets the pin.

Winners-Chris Jericho and Sheamus.

Y2J celebrates, gets his title and exits the ring, and turns round into Edge, who spears him, and stands over him and picks up the belt, before raising it above his head, and then dropping it on Jericho and leaving. Meanwhile Sheamus is in the ring and measuring Taker. He grabs Taker and pummels him, before hitting him with a spinebuster. He then sets him up for the Celtic Cross, but Taker rolls off his shoulders and grabs him by the throat, but Sheamus kicks him in the gut and rams Taker into the turnbuckle. He then sets Taker up for the Celtic Cross, hits it, and stands over a motionless Undertaker as the show goes off the air.
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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE

We have the opening pyro as Cole and Lawler welcome us to the show and remind us it's just two weeks till Wrestlemania, and that tonight's going to be a great show with the Unified Tag Team Championships on the line in a Ladder match.

The arena goes quiet before the glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring to a huge pop. He says last week a man he has great respect for, The Rock, asked him to host RAW this week, he said "Hell Yeah". He says he's here because he's keeping his eye on everybody, it's 2 weeks till Wrestlemania and he wants to make sure everybody gets there. He says tonight he's organised a few matches for us to enjoy. Batista will face the guy who almost knocked him out last week, The Big Show. He then says we have our ladder match for the Unified Tag Team Titles, so we're going to have a great show. As he says this though The Miz comes out with Big Show, and says it's just another washed up old guy in the ring. He asks if the Big Show agrees, and Show mockingly says "Hell Yeah". The Miz gets in the ring and says he is sick and tired of these "Legends" coming back each and every week for a moment in the spotlight so people don't forget them whilst he dominates RAW and wins matches and titles and becomes the top star in the business, which he says he will do at Wrestlemania when he becomes the holder of the Money In The Bank briefcase and then cashes in to become the most awesome World Champion in history. Stone Cold just goes "what?", and asks for a beer. Miz is incredulous and demands that Austin respect him, he tells him to look at him and listen, because if Austin won't respect him, he's going have to make him the hard way. Austin just stares him down, and asks Miz if he's going to listen to some unproven, mic friendly jackass, and Miz says that he may not listen now, but one day he will have to, when the tape of this is played over and over again on the RAW after Wrestlemania, when he becomes Mr. MITB.

Christian's music then hits and he gets on the mic, and says it's really touching and moving to here Miz makes pleas for respect, but in reality, you have to earn it. Miz can go on all he likes about winning the MITB, but there's 7 other guys who are equally as talented and all want that briefcase. Christian says you have to earn it, this isn't a match for the faint-hearted and experience counts. He's won countless ladder matches and titles, he's earnt the respect of everyone, you can't just demand it, and at Wrestlemania The Miz is going to be taught a lesson in humility when he, Christian wins the MITB match. Drew McIntyre's music hits and he interrupts, saying that they can talk all day, but he's the Intercontinental champion, he's the chosen one off the best talent scouter in the world, Mr. McMahon, and he's more talented than any man who has ever graced the ring, let alone the MITB ladder match. Christian he says is past it, a man who holds onto his reputation from the old days when he had Edge to carry him, and The Miz was a good tag team wrestler, but he's only strong when he has a partner. It took months for what it took years for them to do, win a title, and at Wrestlemania he's going to book his spot as the next World Champion with that very lovely MITB briefcase.

MVP comes out now, and he says that these youngsters can talk all day long about talent and what they've "done", but really you have to have experience in life of tough situations. The Miz and Drew McIntyre have had it easy, they don't know what it's like to suffer, to be on losing streaks and down at the rock bottom place, in jail. They haven't suffered and haven't learnt how to get back up after they get knocked down, and that will be against them at Mania. He turns to Christian and says that it's no offence but he just thinks he better than him, and they start a mini argument before John Morrison's music hits. He says that he's seeing this squabble and wants to talk. He calls Miz an overhyped loudmouth with no technical ability who relied on him, yes him, to be a successful tag team. He calls McIntyre a chump, like anything else Scottish, he's not world class. For Christian and MVP he respects them, they've worked hard in the business, but he says he's more talented than anyone, and more determined to climb that ladder to glory, and become a legend of Wrestlemania. Miz takes offence, and says what does he know, what's Morrison done since they split, nothing, whilst he has gone on to acclaimed success at everything he does. They square up but now Matt Hardy appears, and tells them that he's been through more than them all. He's been through family break-ups, more ladder matches and brutal fights than any of them, and over the years he's taken the wear and tear but he's never backed down, never given up and at some point he'll be rewarded, like at Wrestlemania, because he's Matt Hardy and he will not...

...Shelton Benjamin interrupts. He says he's been in all the MITB's and that he is the Gold Standard, every year he steals the show in the ladder match and everyone buys the PPV to see his spots, his dives and high flying moves, because he makes that match. He made it at WM21 and he has done ever since, it's his match and this year he'll go one step further and win it. Kofi Kingston, the final man in the match, now comes out and says if it comes down to high flying and skills, there's no match for him. He beat Randy Orton, he can outwrestle anyone and he can climb and reach further than you all, because at Wrestlemania he will go "boom, boom, boom" and like his pyro he will reach up to the sky and he will retrieve the briefcase and be the MITB winner.

Austin, who's been resting on the turnbuckle for the last 5-10 minutes, buts in. He says they've all raised good cases for winning the match, except Kofi, but he's says he's joking, or maybe he's not. He says however that if he doesn't keep them busy they're going to stand out here all frigging night and bore the pants off everybody so he has an idea, there will be 2 fatal 4-way matches tonight. The 4 Raw superstars(Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Christian and MVP) will be in 1 and the 4 Smackdown superstars(Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy, John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin) will be in the other, and the latter is next.

Match 1: Fatal 4-Way-Drew McIntyre v Matt Hardy v John Morrison v Shelton Benjamin.

This was just a short spot fest which ended with Drew setting up Thee Move on Matt Hardy, but he escaped and threw Drew over the top rope to the floor below, and John Morrison dived over the top rope onto him, and both men were down. Now Matt, who fell to one knee, was grabbed from behind by Shelton, who went for the T-Bone, but Hardy reversed into the Twist of Fate, covered and got the pin.

Winner-Matt Hardy.

Hardy celebrated up the ramp as we went to a Wrestlemania promo package.

We're backstage and The Miz is moaning to Show about having to be in 2 matches tonight, The Big Show tells him to shut up and tells him that maybe he should back up what his mouth says, or learn to keep his mouth shut when the guest host is in the ring. The Miz asks if that's how it is, and Show says yes, so Miz says fine and leaves.

Cody Rhodes is with Josh Matthews, and he says that he's in charge of the pick your poison tonight, so after last week he's going to give his former Legacy members a challenge. Ted DiBiase will face someone he thinks he's better than, John Cena, and Randy Orton will face someone he doesn't like, Batista, and he says that that match is next.

We go back out to the ring area and Cole is saying that tonight is fascinating, and that this match has bad blood in it from over 5 years ago. Lawler agrees and says it's historic and Orton's music hits and he comes down to quite a few cheers, then Batista appears with his pyro(I'm keeping it) to mostly boos.

Match 2: Randy Orton v Batista.

A 15 minute match which ends with Batista hitting a Spear on Orton from an Irish whip. Batista roars his approval and sizes up Orton for the Batista bomb, but Orton back body drops Batista. After a pause, they both get up, Orton goes for the RKO, Batista reverses into a spinebuster attempt, but Orton twists out of hit and hits an inverted backbreaker. He then notices the opportunity for the punt, misses, Batista hits him with the Spinebuster. Batista then sets him up for the Batista Bomb, lifts him up onto his shoulders, but Orton jumps over Batista's head, lands on his feet, and as Batista turns around Orton hits the RKO, covers, and gets the pin.

Winner-Randy Orton.

Orton poses with his WWE Title as Batista holds his head on the mat as we go to a commercial.

We're back and it's the 2nd Fatal 4 way, with Christian, MVP and Kofi already in the ring. Out comes Miz, he gets in the ring, the bell rings and he bails to the backstage area.

Match 3: Fatal 4 Way-Christian v MVP v Kofi Kingston v The Miz.

Another short spot-fest(Due to time constraints) which ended with Christian and MVP fighting, and we cut to seeing The Miz sneaking down the side of the ramp to the edge of the barricade, unnoticed by the other 3. Then Christian reverses the Playmaker into the Killswitch, hits it, covers and gets the 2 count. MVP rolls out the ring and Christian turns into the Trouble in Paradise by Kofi, who covers, but also gets a 2 count. Kofi then staggers up, and is attacked by the Miz from behind, who smacks him in the back of the head with brass knucks, then hits the Skull Crushing Finale, covers Kofi and gets the pin.

Winner-The Miz.

The Miz bails and laughs and smirks his way back up the ramp as we get a package highlighting the HBK/HHH feud.

HBK is backstage with Josh Matthews, he says that in 2 weeks two old friends will do battle, for the final time. He says that Wrestlemania isn't about settling old scores, but it's about proving who's the better man, once and for all. He says he doesn't fear the consequences, or retiring, because he honestly believes he will beat HHH. He says when the dust settles and he has his hand raised in victory, it will prove once and for all that he's the legend, he is The Heartbreak Kid, he is Mr. Wrestlemania.

We're back out with Evan Bourne in the ring, and his opponent is Sheamus.

Match 4: Sheamus v Evan Bourne.

A 1 minute squash match where Sheamus hits the Celtic Cross for the quick pin.


He gets on the mic and says that for the past few weeks he's being beating down The Undertaker, he's battered him, destroyed him, put him through tables and dominated him. Why? because he can, and he's proving that he will be the man to end the streak. He says that people ask how he can do that, and that how he can be sure. He's says he's positive, because he's bigger, stronger and more athletic than The Deadman, and that Taker has never had a tougher test. At Wrestlemania the legend that is The Undertaker will rest in...

....lights go out and the titantron flickers. Taker's voice says that one by one, all those who have chosen to put their souls on the line at Wrestlemania against him, have perished. The highlights video shows this. Taker says that Sheamus may be strong, but that he's faced many more experienced and bigger men, and that Sheamus will fall on his own sword, the sword that is his own making due to his arrogance and false beliefs that he can end the streak, just like the others before him. Sheamus is in for the ride of his life, his last ride, because at Wrestlemania he will rest in peace.

As the lights come on and the video ends Sheamus laughs and says he isn't scared of Taker, he's seen it all before but then he realises Taker is behind him, he turns around and Taker chokeslams him. Sheamus then rolls out the ring clutching his ribs as The Undertaker motions the cutting of his throat as we go to a commercial.

Back from the commercial with Mickie James, Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly who are talking backstage. They are then surrounded by Divas Champion Maryse, Women's Champion Michelle McCool, her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler and Layla. Michelle says all right "ladies" , before they attack the trio. Gail Kim overcomes Layla, but Dolph grabs her, and Michelle slaps her and throws her into the wall. Maryse had slammed Kelly into a table, and was brawling with Mickie, who got the upper hand, but Dolph pulled her off and Michelle grabbed her by the face, and said "look at the state of you, not even a donkey would find you attractive", before spitting in her face, slapping her and kicking her with her heel in the head. Michelle then kisses Dolph, and the quartet stand together before walking off laughing.

Back out in the ring Ted DiBiase comes out, followed by John Cena.

Match 5: Ted DiBiase v John Cena.

A short match which concludes with DiBiase going for Dream Street, hitting it, and covering Cena. He got a 2 count. DiBiase then smirked and was sizing up Cena, and he went for it again, but Cena elbowed him in the face, turned round, hit DiBiase with the FU, covered him, but DiBiase kicked out!

Cena struggled up, wiped his forehead and waited for DiBiase to get up, but as he picked Ted up for another FU, Batista came in the ring and speared him. Batista then threw Cena out of the ring to the floor, and Orton slid into the ring, and went for the RKO on DiBiase, but Ted countered, irish whipped Orton, and they both clotheslined each other and were laid flat out. Cody Rhodes came in the ring and got on the mic and said that's it's so much fun to watch his opponents take each other out, and that at Wrestlemania, he'll take advantage of their hatred for each other, because he's Cody Rhodes, the opportunist, and as that happens he sees Ted getting up, and he sets him up for the Cross Rhodes, and hits it. Meanwhile Orton's staggering to his feet, so Rhodes kicks him in the gut, and hits the Cross Rhodes on him too. He stands above them, picks up the WWE Championship, smiles, before a massive crash is heard, and he turns to Batista who is smashing Cena into the ringpost, and has dismantled the announce table. Cena has now been busted open, and Batista throws him on the table, and Batista Bombs him through it. Batista stands over him as Cody stands in the ring as we go to a break.

Back from the break and Cole and Lawler have one of those flimsy tables to have their stuff on and there are ladders surrounding the ring. MizShow come out first with their titles followed by The Hart Foundation, the number 1 contenders. But before the match starts Vince comes out, and sits by ringside.

Main Event: Unified Tag Team Championships-Ladder Match-MizShow(c) v The Hart Foundation.

A long back and forth match which reaches it's conclusion when Big Show tried to chokeslam Tyson Kidd out the ring, but a combination of him and DH Smith forced Show over the top rope to the floor below. Then Miz tried to jump them, but DH Smith threw him over the rope into Big Show. Tyson Kidd then set up a ladder, and climbed it as Smith went to keep Miz busy. As Tyson got near the top, Vince slid in and pushed the ladder over. Tyson falls onto the ropes and out the ring. Vince smiles as DH Smith looks on furious, and is jumped by The Miz. As this happens Bret Hart's music hits, and he comes out, and then Stone Cold's hits, and he flanks Hart, and then they're joined by Kofi, Mark Henry and MVP. Bret has a mic and he says that Vince's time is up, he will not screw The Hart Family or anyone else anymore, and they came down to the ring. Austin tells them to "unleash hell" and MVP, Henry and Kofi took out The Miz and Show and battered them. Hart and Austin cornered Vince, who lashed out, but Bret pummelled him with right hands, before passing him to Austin, who kicked him in the gut, hit a Stunner to a massive roar. Bret then set up a ladder, helped Tyson Kidd in the ring, and up the ladder, Miz tried to get in the ring but Kofi pulled him back and hit an enzuguri on him. Kidd climbed the ladder as DH Smith crawled in the ring, and retrieved the titles to win the match.

Winners and NEW Unified Tag Team Champions-The Hart Foundation.

The Harts and Natalya(who came down) celebrated with the belts as Vince came back in the ring with a mic and said Bret would pay for it, at Wrestlemania, goddammit, he'll pay. Austin then came over, get him a double middle finger salute and delivered another stunner. Ticker tape fell from the rafters and Austin got beers all round as the show went off the air.
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