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 Mike Knox!

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PostSubject: Mike Knox!   Mike Knox! I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 9:40 am

After the Elimination Chamber Mike Knox has a match with The Undertaker, which he loses, as he is laid out in the middle of the ring, CM Punk comes to the ring with Gallows and Serena, he asks Knox if he is happy with his life and his position in the company, he would tell him that the feeling he has right now of failure will be the only feelings he will experiance in the WWE as long as he continues with his life.

Punk would bring up the past when a family in Georgia had found a stash of steroids, testosterone, and human growth hormones hidden in the attic of their house which Knox used to live in, he would bring up all the abuse Knox puts himself threw and lists all his vices, Knox looks broken and dejected,Punk tells him its not over though, he can change, its not to late, he can't do it on his own though, the only person who can help him is CM Punk, its up to Knox now, if he wants to continue living a lie and feeling like a failure then he turns his back and heads to the locker room, if he wants to turn his life around and with it his fortunes then the only thing for him is to accept CM Punk and Straight Edge into his life, its decision time, either turn his back and head for the hills or raise his right hand and take in straight Edge.

He takes in Straight Edge

He appears later on that night to help CM Punk in his match and has a noticeable haircut and beard trim (not bald but more like he was in 2006 in ECW)

The Following week sees him in a re-match with The Undertaker, this time though its a chance to enter the MitB, The Undertaker wants his re-match for the WHC (which he would lose in the chamber) at WrestleMania and Knox wants into the MitB, whoever wins gets their wish, Mike Knox would defeat The Undertaker with the help of Luke Gallows and Serena.

At WrestleMania Mike Knox shocks the world by winning MitB

over the course of the next month heading into Backlash Knox would beat Khali, Matt Hardy and R-Truth while feuding with Kane, he destroys Kane at Backlash with his devastating new finisher THE JACKHAMMER!

Knox is now this big brutal monster who is going on a rampage although, scarily as it is, he seems to be under the spell of CM Punk, although not many people can argue that the rise of Knox has coincided with accepting Punks way of life.

Knox then enters into a feud with newly drafted Big Show in a back and forth feud where Knox is DQ'd on two seperate occasions, Knox comes out of it as the victor as in his their last match he manages to show off his awesome power by Jackhammering The Big Show in a move that sends shockwaves through the WWE.

Mike Knox under CM Punks influence starts a feud with The Undertaker, Chris Jericho would be the Champion of the World at this point and with Christian, Randy Orton (who would be a tweener/face) and The Undertaker all after their shot at Jericho, Punk wants to eliminate competition, so in a cage match at The Bash, Mike Knox with some help from the SES members beats The Undertaker and puts him out of action

CM Punk would be having trouble getting his title shot at this point, he can never seem to get that elusive win

Knox would continue his brutalisation of SmackDown! throughout the rest of July and the July PPV (which hasn't been announced yet) would see Randy Orton beat Chris Jericho to become the new WHC

The following SmackDown! would see the Straight Edge Society come out with CM Punk the obvious ring leader and say that as of right now, Mike Knox is making a challenge to Randy Orton, he is going to cash in his MitB World Title shot at SummerSlam in a "Society of Straight Edge Match" (Which would be a Lumberjack match filled with only people who have raised their right hands and follow Straight Edge and accept CM Punk as their leader(which would be filled by locals and FCW guys))

Over the coming weeks, Randy Orton takes out Straight Edge guys all over the place, anywhere a Straight Edge guy is about, Orton is beating the life out of them or hitting them with an RKO, its not the life he lives and he will not follow the path of any other man.

During that SummerSlam match which Randy Orton takes one helluva beating from everyone and anyone Mike Knox delivers a devastating JackHammer, he picks him up again and to the request of CM Punk delivers a 3rd JackHammer and gets the 123 as he becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion and the ring is filled with the Straight Edge Society and all its unofficial members celebrating the success of one of their own

CM Punk would obviously be taking all the credit for this.
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PostSubject: Re: Mike Knox!   Mike Knox! I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 7:59 am

sounds okay but you need to remember the character cm punk is greedy and would not allow mike know to be WHC whilst he has nothing and then you get into a situation simular to one in wcw where hogan was able to win the belt because, i think it was nash or hall, laid down for him and that would be ridiculous
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Mike Knox!
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