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 Marty Jannetty from Jan 1st 1993 - Dec 31st 1993

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Marty Jannetty from Jan 1st 1993 - Dec 31st 1993 Empty
PostSubject: Marty Jannetty from Jan 1st 1993 - Dec 31st 1993   Marty Jannetty from Jan 1st 1993 - Dec 31st 1993 I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 9:44 am

********MARTY JANNETTY********

FIRSTLY- I'm not going to book Marty Jannetty to win the WWF Title in the space of one year, I don't think that would be realistic in the slightest, I'll try to book him as a credible guy who could win the IC Title and could move up the ladder, my aim is to try and book him as a guy who could be considered upper midcard!


Jannetty had been off TV in along time, since January 1992 when his Tag Team partner Shawn Michaels turned on him, superkicked him and threw him through the Barber Shop window, he made his return on Halloween Night on Superstars where he came out of the crowd to confront Shawn Michaels, more than 10 months after he put him out, in Jannetty's quest to let Michaels taste the glass like he did all those months ago, he grabbed the "Boy Toy's" mirror and threatened to put it over his head for 'Ironic revenge' however in the haste in which he acted, Michaels managed to pull his manager Sensational Sherri in front of him to take the blow and he managed to get away, leaving Jannetty to view the carnage he left in the ring to nothing more than an innocent bystander.

Jack Tunney announces on the January 1st show of Wrestling Challenge that four guys will enter a 'play-off' to decide who gets to face Shawn Michaels for the IC title at The Royal Rumble, Jannetty would come out and say after everything Michaels did to him he should face him, Tunney tells him he is lucky to still have a job after what he did to Sherri, accident or not, he does tell him however that he will be included in the four man 'play-off'

Superstars Marty Jannetty would face Bam Bam Bigalow, after a solid 10 minute match Bigalow would go to the top rope for a moonsault, Jannetty would manage to roll out the way and then hit a weary Bam Bam with the Rocker Droper and get the 123 (Rick Martel beat Tito Santana in the other match)

On the following Monday Night RAW, Rick Martel is out first and tells Jannetty he understands why he wants revenge on Michaels, however he also tells him he owes Michaels, he was in love with Sherri and at SummerSlam 92 even had a match with Shawn over here, she decided to stay loyal to Michaels but he isn't over her and wants to beat Jannetty so he can move onto the Royal Rumble and take away what Michaels holds most dear to him, the IC Title

After a back and forth match, the main event of Monday Night RAW this week, Jannetty goes for a Rocker Droper on 'The Model', Martel manages to reverse it though and and grabs his legs to lock in the Boston Crab, while trying to turn Jannetty around Marty manages to shift his momentum and roll Martel into a small package and gets the 3 count - Jannetty is going to the Rumble to face Shawn Michaels

On Superstars the following Friday Sensational Sherri is scheduled to make her comeback, she does and she announces that she will be in one of the guys corners at The Royal Rumble, this brings out Shawn Michaels, he tells her

"baby, you know, what happened was an accident, daddy needs his lucky charm and girl, you know you've been lucky, since you've been gone the Heartbreak Kid has found himself some gold, so lets not overstate your importance, your good for me but honey, its good to be me and if you want apart of it then come on home"

Just after he says that Jannetty comes charging threw the crowd like a man on a mission and into the ring, Sherri jumps in his way again though and Michaels escapes, Jannetty is screaming at her "Why are you protecting him?" Sherri looks confused.

On RAW before the Royal Rumble a scheduled in ring interview with both Jannetty and Michaels was held by Vince McMahon, Jannetty is out and while Michaels' music is playing no one appears, all look confused until Mike McGuirk the ring announcer suddenly says "Ladies and Gentleman, Shawn Michaels has left the building" this only increases the tension for Jannetty, Vince talks to him about his chances then wishes him luck.

In a match many consider to be a four star cracker at the Royal Rumble Shawn Michaels would defeat Marty Jannetty around the 20 minute mark after Sherri came to the ring in support of both men, still confused, Michaels would superkick her off the apron and when Jannetty went to her aid he turned right into some more Sweet Chin Music and got himself pinned by his arch nemesis

The next night on RAW Shawn Michaels opens up the show, claiming to have done a deal with Yokozuna who was scheduled to appear after his Rumble win, Michaels wants to draw a line under The Rockers, Jannetty doesn't belong in the same ring as him let alone competting for the same Championship, Jack Tunney interrupts him and fines him for his unprovoked attack on Sensational Sherri and orders him to face Tatanka later on that night

Marty Jannetty beats a jobber on Wrestling Challenge before heading up to the interview platform with Mean Gene, he seems upset with how the Rumble went, he seems more upset that Sherri got assaulted yet again than him losing the chance to win the IC title.

Ric Flair comes out and tells him "Kid, you gotta keep your woman happy, you gotta keep them safe WOOOOOOO" goes on "No use crying over spilled milk, what you gonna do about it? I'll tell you what, NOTHING, thats what, your a bum, bums do jack when push comes to shove, the Nature Boy has made a career out of beating bums and taking what he wants, I've seen off guys like you, 10 a penny"

Jannetty looks dejected, Flair tells him to take a walk, Jannetty would turn around as Flair tells him "I could beat you on my worst day" then follows, if I couldn't beat you then I'd leave the WWF to which Jannetty simply replies "Well Naitch, lets put your money where your mouth is?" Flair tries to back out of it but Mean Gene pressures him in front of the audiance to stick to his word. The Match would be set for February 27th "Saturday Night's Main Event"

Over the next couple of weeks on RAW, Superstars and Wrestling Challenge Ric Flair is going through his illustrious career, Bobby Heenan is selling how great he is, on the RAW 22nd show, the Main Event for the night is Ric Flair and Lex Luger vs Marty Jannetty and Mr Perfect, after a very good tag match, Lex Luger nails Jannetty with his steel plated forearm and Ric Flair covers his motionless body for the 123

At Saturday Nights Main Event a few days later Jannetty and Flair steel the show, Jannetty looks like he has the match won and goes to the top rope to hit Flair with the diving punch but Bobby Heenan jumps up to the apron from he commentary position, as he does so the referee goes over to get rid of him, Lex Luger appears from the back and hits Jannetty with the steel plated forearm again and he leaves as quick as he comes in, both men are down and out but slowly but surely Flair is coming around and as he slides over manages to throw an arm around Jannetty, 12KICKOUT! Heenan on commentary can't believe it, he is back up on the apron this time Mr Perfect comes running out, he pulls Heenan from the apron and punches him, Flair comes over to confront Perfect but he just throws his towel in Flair face which turns him round straight into a superkick from Jannetty, Jannetty heads to the top rope and lands the diving punch on Flair and covers him, as he does it Luger runs to the ring only to be tackled and held by Perfect as he and Heenan are powerless as they watch Marty Jannetty beat Ric Flair and banish him from the WWF

After the win, Mr Perfect, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Crush and loads of other faces all come rushing down to the ring to congratulate Jannetty and help him celebrate his epic and famous win as Saturday Nights Main Event goes off the air.

Over the next 6-8 weeks Tetanka would enter into a feud with Shawn Michaels over the IC title and Mr Perfect would be in a feud with Lex Luger

Jannetty would beat Papa Shango at WrestleMania IX as the first entrant into the newly formed PPV King of the Ring

After WrestleMania Jannetty was one again at the front of the que for an IC Title match, Shawn Michaels had been dodging him and any questions about him since he won the career ending match with Ric Flair at Saturday Night's Main Event in February, Jack Tunney came out and announced that for the April 26th Monday Night RAW the main event would be a scheduled IC Title match between Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, as the night came both had once again produced another cracking match, Jannetty went for the superkick but Michaels managed to drop to his back as he got out the way and left the ring, as he did so he grabbed his IC title and like he did back then, headed for the back, he got counted out but kept the title

Tunney announced on Superstars that Michaels would need to give Jannetty a re-match but count outs and DQ's would result in the title changing hands, if Michaels wants to keep his IC Title he would need to beat Marty Jannetty fair and square, Michaels would agree to the re-match on Monday May 17th, this match won match of the year for 1993 and was the WWF's only 5* match, the ending would come when Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music only for Jannetty to duck, Jannetty would boot him in the mid drift and go for the Rocker Droper, Michaels would power out of it though and force Jannetty into a back flip, when Michaels turns around he walks right into a big superkick, Jannetty quickly goes for the pin and gets a 123 NEW IC CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next week on RAW Michaels is incensed, he feels cheated, he demands his re-match, Marty plays mind games with him, this time Marty is making Shawn wait, he has what his old partner desires the most and he isn't in a hurry to quence his thirst for a re-match, Jannetty feels its been a long time coming but he can't help but enjoy his time now, he feels its long overdue and well deserved, revenge is sweet.

Michaels gets his re-match a couple of days before King of the Ring on Superstars in a lumberjack match, as all the lumberjacks beat the life out of each other, someone comes out of nowhere and nails Marty Jannetty with a Powerbomb, its revealed that the guy in question is Shawn Michaels new bodygaurd DIESEL and it was the JackKnife he hit him with.

At the King of the Ring Jannetty would beat Bam Bam Bigalow in the quarter finals before losing the semi final to Mr Perfect in a match of the night contender with Perfect winning in 19:59 (one second before the time limit expiration) - Bret Hart would go on to beat Mr Perfect in the final.

At June 26th Saturday Night's Main Event Jannetty would beat Doink the Clown, later on that night in the Main Event between Lex Luger and Mr Perfect, Money Inc. got involved and started attacking Mr Perfect who had been less than complimentry about them while he was doing guest colour commentary on RAW earlier that week, both guys where giving him a vicious beatdown while Luger just walked away and Jannetty came running out from the back to make the save, this would prove to be payback for Perfect making he save for him when he faced Flair months ago in February's Saturday Night's Main Event, Money Inc. had just lost the Tag Titles to the Steiner Brothers and where trying to make a statement, over the next few weeks, both The Million Dollar Man and IRS would attack either Perfect or Jannetty during their matches until they faced off on RAW in a tag team match, the end came when Jannetty superkicked IRS right into a Perfect Plex and they got the win, they would team up after that named 'The Perfect Rockers'

The Perfect Rockers would feud with The Headshrinkers in early August, after beating Money Inc and also winning against Men On a Mission, they would be #1 contenders at SummerSlam 93 for the Tag Team Title against The Steiner Brother's, the match with the Steiners would go to a 25 minute time limit Draw, all four guys would embrace at the end of the match

Over the course of the next few weeks the Steiners and the Perfect Rockers would subtley say they where the better team at SummerSlam, each thinking they are better than their opponents, the big re-match is booked for RAW 20th of September, the week before they have the official contract signing, and all the nice talk goes out the window as the all start brawling in the middle of the ring, its filled with carnage

On RAW the next week the Perfect Rockers win the Tag Titles when Scott Steiner nails Jannetty with a Frankensteiner but with the ref out of position Perfect nails Steiner on the back of the head with one of the Championship belts and gets the 123, the crowd are stunned and don't know what to do, cheer or boo, their favourites have cheated other favourites out of the titles.

The Steiner's are incensed and are on SuperStars the following Friday demanding the re-match, this brings out Jannetty who claims they can get a re-match anytime they want, just as he said that though he is cut off from Mr Perfect, who walks out behind him, he tells Marty to hold it a minute, The Steiners aren't due a title re-match, when Rick and Scott tell him they are as its in the contract, Perfect would say "What, this contract?" and hold up the legal paper, Perfect would then start laughing and say that he had his lawyers draw up the contract and put a clause in it stating they wouldn't get a re-match if they lost the titles, and out comes his lawyer and seemingly the new manager Clarence Mason, Marty looked confused, he appeared not to know this, however Perfect reassured him its alright, "Stick with me Marty, you've got the gold around your waist, your bank balance is buldging, we are Rocking and Rolling, only this time, its PERFECT"

On a scheduled match with the Quebecers Jannetty manages to get the win for the team, as they celebrate The Steiner Brother's rush out to confront them, as they do, the Headshrinkers attack them from behind, the Quebecers team up with The Headshrinkers in beating down Rick and Scott, Marty Jannetty is trying to get back in to help them but Mr Perfect holds him off, tells him to calm down, tells him to look after number 1, Mr Perfect and Clarence Mason manage to hold him off and convince him to the back while the Steiners had a 4 on 2 situation in the ring, it didn't look good.

They would hold onto the titles until two nighst before the Survivor Series on RAW (Suvivor Series was a Wednesday that year) when in a cage match The Steiner Brother's manage to beat them and finally regain the WWF Tag Team Titles, Mr Perfect and Clarence Mason would both hold Jannetty responsible for losing the titles and attack his attitude that he wasn't ruthless enough, Jannetty would say that his attitude and strong mind have helped him recover from all the setbacks he's had since Michaels backstabbed him

At the Survivor Series on a typical 4 vs 4 Elimination Survivor Series Match, it would be the Perfect Rockers and the Quebecers vs The Steiner Brother's and The Smoking Gunns

After the Gunns and Quebecers had been elimiated, Jannetty is on Rick Steiner's shoulders, Perfect nails him with a chair and Jannetty mannevours him into a 'Victory Roll' and gets the 123, Jannetty is oblivious to what happened, all he knows his he was going to get nailed by the Steiners and turned it around, as Scott is going nuts Jannetty sees the chair lying at the side of the ring, he confronts Perfect on the continued cheating, Perfect tells him he is the leader, Jannetty sniggers and goes to turn away, he turns around quick and superkicks Perfect then leaves the ring, he warns Clarence Mason to stay away from him as well as Scott Steiner pins Perfect and also gets the win

The following Monday Night RAW Mr Perfect walks out, he tells Jannetty that he made the mistake of his life last night, how dare he kick Perfect in the face, Perfect made him a star, Jannetty comes out, laughs off Perfects claims, tells him they could have had it all, tells him they could have been the best of all time but his ego got in the way, it was his ego that cost him the IC Title twice before and its his ego that cost them the tag team titles, he promised himself he wouldn't be made a scape goat again, he could see it coming this time he struck first, he;s got bigger fish to fry than buming around with a couple of leaches like Perfect and Mason trying to keep cheating their way to meaningless victories, Jannetty would claim that unless he can win fair and square the only person he is lying to is himself.

The next week on RAW December 6th Jannetty is challenging for the IC Title against Razor Ramon, Jannetty is looking good for the win until Mr Perfect comes out and distracts Jannetty, Razor attacks Perfect as he doesn't want to cheat to win, when Jannetty offers a handshake Razor kicks him in the gut and nails him with a Razor's Edge for the win, he tells Marty afterwards that it was just business but he wasn't going to beat him while Perfect was out there.

Over the next few shows (RAW, SuperStars and Wrestling Challenge) Perfect tells Jannetty that he will never be half the talent his former partner Shawn Michaels was and he will be even less of a talent than he himself is, Jack Tunney makes an official statement that the Main Event for Saturday Night's Main Event which will be aired on Christmas Night will be Lex Luger vs Yokozuna for the WWF Title but the Semi Main Event has just been signed, it will be a 2 out of 3 fall match between Marty Jannetty and Mr Perfect

Saturday Night's Main Event 26/12/93
Jannetty wins the match in what would be considered the best 2 out of 3 fall match in the WWF for many many years, plenty of action and excitement and Jannetty and Perfect stole the show, a 25 minute epic encounter which saw Jannetty snatch it 2-1

RAW 27/12/93
The final Monday Night RAW of its debut year is action packed, the main event would see a big re-match for the IC Title between Marty Jannetty and Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels is back by this time after being suspended by Jack Tunney and he claims he is the real IC Champion since he never lost the title in the first place, Michaels is in a feud with Razor Ramon but since he has barely competed due o his suspension he isn't anywhere near a #1 contenders match for the IC title, that honour goes to his former partner, anyway, near the end of the match, Shawn Michaels comes to the ring with his IC belt, Razor Ramon gets distracted as he tries to take the title off Michaels, Jannetty also tries to chase Michaels away, this brings out Mr Perfect and the four men start brawling, as Jannetty and Razor are working together the referee decides not to DQ either of them and let them deal with it, Razor manages to chase Michaels down the isle as Jannetty knocks Perfect into the crowd, the referee tells Jannetty that any more outside interference he allows himself to get distracted by will result in a DQ, Razor and Jannetty are going at it again and Shawn Michaels makes his pressence felt once again down the isle, Razor allows himself to be distracted enough and turns around into a small package for the 123

Razor starts chasing the referee down the isle for allowing outside interference to go ahead and the last Monday Night RAW of 1993 goes off air with Marty Jannetty holding his new IC title above his head while Shawn Michaels holds his own IC Title above his head, the two former Rockers stare each other down as each hold their own version of the same title.
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Marty Jannetty from Jan 1st 1993 - Dec 31st 1993
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