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 Jim Bowen Raw Guest host segment

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PostSubject: Jim Bowen Raw Guest host segment   Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:10 am

*Jim Bowen comes down to the ring which has a dart board on as the Bullseye music plays*

Jim Bowen: "Thanks for inviting me to be guest host of Raw as WWE is super, smashing , great wonderful..."

*He gets interupted by the Hart Dynasty from Smackdown*

David Hart Smith: "We want a title shot at ShowMiz's tag titles"

Tyson Kid: "No we demand a shot at ShowMiz"

Jim Bowen: "ShoMiz you like?"

Natalia Neidhart: "Yes you heard them, ShowMiz Jim, ShoMiz".

Jim Bowen: "in that case step up to the 'ockey Natalia and throw the dart where the flashing light that says ShowMiz is"

*Natalia walks into the ring and steps up to the 'ockey*

Tony Green: "Take your time son, Take your time"

*Tony Green looks at his watch then gets a dirty look from Natalia*

Natalia Neidhart: "Do you mind?"

Tony Green: "Not at all, take your time"

*Natalia throws the dart, but it misses and lands in the catagory next to it*

Jim Bowen: "Unlucky it's gone in to pot luck which means your facing a random tag team that has been put together at random, but first lets look at what you could have won..."

*ShowMiz come down and walk past ring then they show of the tag titles and sit at the commentry table*

Jim Bowen: "Now because you hit Pot Luck, you guys now have a match against these two random wrestlers who have been put together as a tag team."

*Kane comes down to the ring and does hsi whole fire from the ring post routine*

Jim Bowen: "Kane and his tag team partner... The Undertaker"

*Undertaker comes down to the ring slowly*

*The ref rings the bell and both David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd get chokeslamed and pinned together for the 3 count*

Tony Green: "...The winners of the match are Kane and the Undertaker!!"

*Kane and Undertaker leave the ring as Jim Bowen walks up to Tyson Kid and David Hart Smith who are flat on there backs*

Jim Bowen: "Well you had a good day out, but your going home with nowt*

*Jim Bowen and Tony Green leave the ring, but Jim Bowen trusn round and walks back to them*

Jim Bowen: "Oh I forgot, here's your Bendy Bully and your BFH... Bus Fare Home!!"

*Jim Bowen throws it at them and walks off as ShowMiz laugh there heads off at the commentry table*
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Jim Bowen Raw Guest host segment
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